What to do if a washing machine won’t fill with water?

One of the conveniences of modern living is being able to put your clothes to wash and step away while the washing machine does its thing. When the washing machine fills slowly, doing laundry becomes more time-consuming. The frustration deepens when there is no water going into the washing machine at all.

Potential Issues

Issues around the washer not filling with water require a little investigating to find the source of the problem since there are a few different potential reasons. Here are some solutions we recommend trying.

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Check the Hose and Hose Filters

Over time, pieces of debris can build up and clog the hoses or the filters that are at the end of the hoses. To determine whether this is the case, turn off the main water supply to your washing machine. Then unscrew both the hot and cold hoses leading to the washer.

Remove them along with the filters. Clean them all out with a stiff brush or vacuum cleaner. After this, you can reattach the filters and hoses to your washing machine and turn the water supply back on.

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Check the Washing Machine Filters

The washing machine filters are meant to remove lint and other debris from your clothes. These filters need regular cleaning. The frequency varies, so consult your user manual. When you check the filter, which is easily removed, get rid of the debris and clean the filter with a brush and warm water.

Look for any faults that may be on it such as cracks. Replace any faulty filters to keep the machine functioning well.

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Faulty Water Inlet Valve

Another thing to check is the water inlet valve, which can become clogged with mineral deposits or simply deteriorate over time. To test the valve, remove the washing machine top cover. Turn on the different temperature cycles and see if water comes out for all of them. If there is no water coming out and the valve is vibrating, then the valve is faulty.

Depending on your washing machine, there may be more than one water inlet valve. If so, you will need to inspect all of them.

Air Blocking Water Access 

Sometimes air can block the pressure chamber of your washing machine, blocking the water from entering the machine.

This makes the pressure switch stay on even though there’s no water coming in. To test whether this might be the issue, see if the machine is still able to spin even though there’s no water in it.

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Faulty Water Sensor

A faulty water sensor is another possible culprit to investigate. This sensor allows the machine to put the appropriate amount of water for each cycle and prevents overflow. There may be some debris on it that is interfering with its performance. To see if this is the case, unplug your machine then open the tub and remove the sensor.

It’s a little floating device at the end of a wire. Clean the sensor and wire with a clean cloth then place them back in position. Try running the machine again and see if it is now filling with water.

Water Connection Turned Off

An overlooked reason why your washer won’t fill with water is that the water connection is turned off. This might be the case when plumbing work is being carried out in your house or there’s some other reason to shut off the main supply.

Check that the hot and cold water taps are on and water is flowing through both of them.

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Check Electrical Connection

A fault in the electrical connection will cause washing machine issues, including water filling. A loose wire or circuit breaker fault are common electrical issues.

You can either tighten or replace these. If your particular model has an onboard electrical control board, examine it for wear and tear and address any issue you find.

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Blocked Inlet Screens

The inlet screen on your washing machine helps prevent debris from entering your machine with the incoming water. Over time, debris can build up on the screen, limiting the amount of water that comes in.

You can check whether this is the case by removing the inlet screens, which you’ll find where the hoses meet the machine. If they’re clogged, you can clean them with a brush and water. Then replace them and reconnect the hoses.

Contact the Professionals

As you can see, there are several reasons why your washing machine is not filling with water. If you’ve tried the above steps and nothing is working, it’s time to call in a professional. Also do so if you’re unable to find the different parts that need checking, such as the water sensor, inlet valve, or electrical control board.

We at Alpha Tech Appliance are here to find and fix the problem for you. Contact us today to get your washing machine in proper working order. You can make a booking online or give us a call.