Refrigerator Repair

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Fridge repair is perhaps the most urgent job a homeowner might need when it comes to their appliances. After all, if you’re experiencing problems with cooling, leaking, or with the freezer, your valuable groceries are at stake. Good refrigerator repair can be the difference between a small hiccup and a real, long-term pain. 

At Alpha Tech Appliance Repair, we understand your need for speed and reliability. We offer same-day appliance repair in Toronto for most fridge models, along with a promise that not only will we fix your fridge…but also that your appliance will continue to function long after our work is done. If you’re searching for “fridge repair near me”, we are a local company that provides cost-effectively refrigerator repair services, call us today.

Types of Refrigerators We Repair

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The refrigerator is an essential part of any kitchen, playing a key component in keeping your food fresher for longer, so raw ingredients taste amazing and leftovers still tickle the taste buds. Ultimately, you’ll save money because you’re not throwing out large amounts of food because it’s gone rotten too quickly. That’s why you’ll want to invest in buying and maintaining an excellent refrigerator that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. 

If your refrigerator has broken down or it isn’t functioning like it should, it’s time to call the fridge repair experts at Alpha Tech Appliance. We have years of experience to quickly diagnose any issue with any make or model of refrigerator. 

You could spend time and money trying to fix the issue yourself, but working on fridge repair can be aggravating or dangerous if you’re not a trained professional like the technicians at Alpha Tech Appliance. From stand-alone freezers, built-in fridges, ice-makers and wine coolers, we take every broken fridge problem seriously and we’ll make every effort to make sure that your fridge is running like brand new.

Free Standing

  • Bottom-mount — Easy access for the homeowner and convenient for all users to grab the most used drawers, crispers or shelves where fresh food is stored.
  • Top mount — In this case, the fresh food is stored in the lower part of the fridge and the freezer is located at eye level of the appliance.
  • French-door — This style comes with a pullout freezer drawer on the bottom and two fridge doors that open from the middle so you can see everything in your fridge at one time. It also takes up less space than a traditional single-door refrigerator.
  • Side-by-Side — Offers the homeowner freezer and refrigerator compartments that are side-by-side in a vertical fashion, making both frozen and fresh goods easily accessible.

Built-in Refrigerators

If you have the budget for it, a kitchen designer will always suggest you select a built-in refrigerator so the appliance is seamlessly incorporated into your kitchen’s cabinet layout. Custom-made coverings for your fridge doors will make them blend effortlessly into your kitchen’s overall aesthetic. You can choose between glass, steel or a panel-ready fridge that can be fitted with coverings that match your existing cabinets. But no matter what type of built-in refrigerator you choose, the Alpha Tech Appliance repair technicians can help you with all your fridge repair needs. 

Some of the built-in fridges we service include:

  • Integrated fridges
  • Column refrigerators 
  • Traditional built-in refrigerators
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A freezer allows you to prepare or buy and store food for a longer period of time so you’re always prepared and you’re not wasting money by just throwing out fresh food. Freezers typically keep your food frozen between -8 and -20 degrees Celsius. When it comes to freezer repair, our technicians are up-to-date on the latest technological innovations – we’ll always know what to do when we arrive on site. At Alpha Tech Appliance, we can repair any make or model of freezer you have, including the most popular styles like: 

  • Chest freezers
  • Built-in freezers 
  • Upright freezers
  • Under counter freezers
  • Drawer freezers 
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Wine Coolers

Looking for a great way to store your favourite bottles of wine? That’s what wine coolers are for. They look classy in a kitchen or wet bar. Some even come with dual temperature control so you can have one rack cooler than the other depending on what wine you store. Some have more advanced features such as humidity control. But no matter how simple or fancy your wine cooler is, the appliance repair experts at Alpha Tech Appliance are here to help. 

Some of the wine coolers we service include:

  • Under-counter wine coolers
  • Free-standing wine coolers
  • Built-in wine coolers

Ice Makers

You can’t have a round of drinks without the ice along with them! An ice maker produces enough ice so you can add it to your beverage whenever you need it. They are perfect for homeowners who love refreshing drinks or who entertain a lot. They are easy to use and very effective. Let us know your make and model and we’ll be right over to fix it. 

We typically service these types of ice makers:

  • Under-counter ice makers
  • Free-standing ice makers 
  • Built-in ice makers

No matter what you need when it comes to Toronto fridge repair, you can count on the appliance repair technicians at Alpha Tech Appliance to help. Call us today to book your appointment. 

Common Refrigerator Problems

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1. Fridge Isn’t Cooling

What could be more frustrating? Your fridge has one main job…if it’s not cooling, it isn’t really useful as anything more than an oversized cupboard. 

A common culprit for this particular issue can be that the defrost thermostat is malfunctioning, often due to having frozen contacts. Otherwise, there be a build-up of dirt or debris on the fridge’s condenser coils.

On the other hand, if your refrigerator is failing to turn on at all, there may be an issue with the electronic control board itself, which can be the result of an unexpected power surge, or simply long-term use.

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2. Fridge Leaking Water

A fairly common issue that precipitates the need for refrigerator repair, leaking water can be a real pain. Luckily, this is often a fairly simple ailment to diagnose. Often, the issue will be a blocked defrosting drain, which typically sits near the back of the freezer and becomes backed up when debris collects inside. These kinds of clogs are fairly simple to fix in the course of a typical fridge repair service.

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3. Refrigerator Making Noise

A particularly noisy fridge may seem like a fact of life, but it is actually often a sign that your unit is cycling too often. That’s bad news, because not only is the noise incredibly frustrating, but too many cycles mean your fridge is using far more energy, which is bad for wallet and for the planet.

Problems with frequent cycling often begin with your refrigerator’s condenser coils. Too much build-up in the form of dust, food particles, and other debris can stop them from doing their job. The good news, however, is that this may be an issue that does not require full maintenance. A good, thorough cleaning is often enough to get your fridge cycling properly again.

Appliance Brands We Service

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Can I Get Appliance Repair For My Fridge Near Me?

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It can be difficult to find quality service or appliance parts in Toronto. Luckily, Alpha Tech Appliance Repair is happy to provide high-end appliance repair throughout the GTA. As our many positive reviews show, we’ve built up a strong local reputation for service and quality…particularly as it relates to fridge repair and fridge installation.  

Our refrigerator repair services are often cited positively for our policy of radically transparent pricing. Refrigerator repair costs, for example, can vary depending on the job required…but also depending on the service provider doing the work. Unlike some less reputable service providers, at Alpha Tech Appliance Repair we use our wealth of experience with appliance repair to ensure that the estimate we give you is the real price—no surprises down the line. So, do not wait for your refrigerator problem to worsen, give us a call today or book your repair service online.

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Frequently Asked Refrigerator Repair Questions

Will a refrigerator or freezer be damaged if it’s kept in the garage?

We generally do not recommend this, especially during the wintertime. The cold temperatures can affect the lifespan of your refrigerator and/or freezer.

What’s the proper method to dispose of a refrigerator?

Take it to a recyclable depot.

Why does my freezer smell like burning plastic?

There are a few reasons for a strange odour coming from your freezer. There could be a problem with the defrost system or the heater could be providing too much heat causing damage to the plastic assembly. There could also be issues related to the circulation fan. You should consult a trained technician.

Why is my refrigerator making a loud noise?

It could come from one of the three motors of the fridge. Diagnosing these motors may be necessary to determine the problem.

How do you troubleshoot a refrigerator? Will unplugging a refrigerator reset it?

Unplugging the fridge usually resets it for many models.

If the refrigerator stops cooling, what do I check for?

Check if the compressor is running and if the evaporator fan is spinning.

Why is the refrigerator not cold, but the freezer is?

There could be potential problems with the air circulation.

What to do if a refrigerator is not cold enough?

First, check the guidebook to try and diagnose the problem. 
The most common problem involves the compressor and fan. Check to see if the compressor is working. If it is, check that there is enough air circulation and that the fan is spinning in the refrigerator. If you still can’t find the solution, you can check the manufacturer’s guidebook to try and find the problem. If that doesn’t work, we suggest calling one of our professional technicians.

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