LG Washer Error Codes

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Even the smallest problems that occur with your LG washing machine are easier to deal with thanks to the error code display. From your door not being close to a power supply problem, it might be tough to figure out what the issue is if you’re not familiar with the LG error codes.

Thanks to the professionals at Alpha Tech Appliance, we’ve come up with this guide that’ll help you determine what these LG error codes mean, and whether you can troubleshoot the problem yourself or if you need to call a licensed technician.

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FE Error Code – Washer overflow error

There is too much water in the machine. Shut off the water supply. You can push the spin button to drain the machine or call a technician if the error code persists.

OE Error Code – Drain is clogged

The drain or the drainage hose isn’t working. Check that the hose isn’t clogged or kinked. If this doesn’t work, you may have a faulty drain pump.

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IE Error Code – Inlet Water Supply

The machine isn’t able to fill up enough water for the load. Check for a kink or a damaged inlet hose and ensure that the water supply is connected. 

UE or UB Error Code – Unbalanced Load

This typically means that the clothes are unbalanced inside the drum. Shift the clothes around to even it out.


CL Error Code – Child Safety Lock

If you can’t get the machine to start, this is a warning that the child lock is on. This is a safety lock and can be cleared by pushing the button for at least 3 seconds.

LE Error Code – Locked Drive Motor

If your machine stops working and you see this code, it means the motor is locked out. This usually happens if the machine is overloaded. Remove some of the clothes in your load and hit reset on the machine.

tCL Error Code – Tub Clean Cycle

This isn’t an error –  your washer is letting you know when to rub the tub clean cycle. The machine is cleaning the tub of any built-up residue.

dE Error Codes – Door is Unable to Lock

Any of the codes that start with ‘d’ indicate the door is the problem. This code means that the door is unable to lock. Check that the door is not blocked or the lock is damaged.

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CE Error Code – Washer Has Short Circuit 

This error code means there is a short circuit. When you see this LG washing machine error code, unplug the machine and wait a few minutes. If it’s still not working, unplug it again and call a technician for assistance.

Sud Error Code – Suds Reducing Cycle

This means the drum is overloaded with soap suds. The machine will stop working to remove excess soap suds. There may be a clog in your water line or water hose – clear the clog and run the cycle again.

Cd Error Code – Cool Down

This isn’t an error code, it’s just a message that indicates the cool-down period once the drying cycle has finished. 

PE Error Code – Water Level Sensor

This means the water level sensor can’t read the water level. The water level sensor is not working. Unplug the machine for 10 seconds and run another cycle.


PF Error Code – Power Failure

This means there is an issue with the power getting to the machine. Check your cords and breaker. If this doesn’t work, give us a call. Leave the machine unplugged.

tE Error Code – Heating Error

The heat inside the drum is too hot. If your washing machine is too hot, unplug it for a few minutes and try again. If nothing works, you may have a faulty Thermistor.

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Time Does Not Advance Error Code

This indicates that time can not advance. The issue might be a heavy load, too much soap, or the water temperature. Check that the washer isn’t overloaded and that it’s receiving power and water. 

Buttons Do Not Respond Error Code

The buttons you are pushing are not responding. The buttons could be jammed, there may be a control panel issue, or the child lock is on. Try pushing them all.

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It can be very frustrating when your washing machine isn’t functioning. No matter what the problem is, we can be there to provide a solution. If you’re having trouble with your washing machine or getting any of these LG washing machine codes, give us a call at Alpha Tech Appliance Repair. We provide any make or model of a washing machine repair