Terms and Conditions for Appliance Installation Services

Below are factors that apply to the terms and conditions.

Location of Appliances:

To ensure a smooth and efficient appliance installation process, please ensure that the appliances are located inside the house and in close proximity to their designated installation areas. Our technicians require easy access to the appliances for safe and timely installation.

Pre-installed Handles:

For appliances that require panel installation, please ensure that the handles are pre-installed on the panels. This helps expedite the installation process and ensures proper functionality of the appliances.

Completed Counters with Sink Plumbing:

In the case of appliance installations involving countertops, please ensure that the counters are fully installed, and the sink plumbing is completed beforehand. This ensures that our technicians can seamlessly integrate the appliances with the existing plumbing system, saving time and ensuring proper functionality.

Functional Electrical Connections:

To facilitate testing and ensure the proper functioning of the appliances, please ensure that all electrical connections related to each appliance line are in working condition. This includes providing a reliable power supply to each appliance for testing purposes.

Working Water Supply:

For appliances that require a water connection, such as dishwashers or refrigerators with water dispensers, it is necessary to have a working water supply available for testing purposes. This ensures that our technicians can verify the proper functioning of water-related features on the appliances.

Ducting for Hood Installation:

If your appliance installation involves a hood, please ensure that the ducting is already installed and ready to connect. Our technicians will require the appropriate ducting in place to complete the hood installation.

Minimum Charge for Uninstallable Appliances:

In the event that we arrive at the scheduled appointment and are unable to proceed with the appliance installation due to unforeseen circumstances, such as unsuitable conditions or inadequate preparations, a minimum charge of $625 will apply. This fee covers the time, effort, and resources allocated to the appointment.

Please note that these terms and conditions apply specifically to our appliance installation services. If you have any questions or require further clarification regarding these terms, feel free to contact our customer service team. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation to ensure a successful appliance installation experience.