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There’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with a broken appliance. We depend on them for all of our daily needs, so when they are not functioning properly, it can be a stressful time. Other than checking the power source, most of us don’t know what to do when our appliances malfunction. That’s why you can depend on us here at Alpha Tech Appliance Repair in Woodbridge.

Appliance Repair Woodbridge

We service all makes and models of appliances in the Woodbridge area. Our trained and experienced technicians can service your older appliances and newer smart appliances as well.

We offer same-day repairs so you can get back to using your appliance. We also install brand-new appliances and ensure they are in working order before we take off. We provide excellent customer service at affordable prices.

Fridge Repair Woodbridge

One of the most common problems we face with refrigerators is that they aren’t getting cold. Your fridge might always be running, it might be too cold, or you may notice water leaking out of the bottom. It’s important to make sure that your fans are working. Also, make sure food isn’t blocking the vents.

Your condenser coil may be dirty, but if you’d rather not find the source of the issue yourself, you can call our team of professionals to help.  Leaks can be caused by blocked defrost drains or your water supply being clogged or frozen. You can give these a quick check to see if there’s a problem, but always unplug the fridge first.

Stove Repair Woodbridge

Whether you have a gas or electric stove, one of the more common problems is that they won’t light or get hot. For gas stoves, make sure there is a gas supply and that it is getting through. On the burner, make sure there are no leftover food particles blocking the holes. This can prevent the gas from getting through, causing it to burn too low or not light at all. 

If your gas oven and burners won’t light, it’s best to call us to check it out. Don’t keep trying as there may be an excessive amount of gas in the air already. For electric stoves, check that the element is completely plugged in. If all your elements aren’t working, check your power connection. Otherwise, call us to check it out. It could be an electrical problem, or the burners or stovetop needs to be replaced.

Washer Repair Woodbridge

Washing machine repairs by Alpha Tech Appliances

Some of the most common problems we see with washers include leaks, drainage problems, or other mechanical issues. Leaks can come from connection areas, the drum, a door seal, or damage somewhere to the bottom of your washer. If the water won’t drain out of the washer, there is likely a blockage in the drain pipe.

Make sure that there is no soap buildup and other debris like tissue that may have gone through your wash cycle.  If the soap is still where you put it, there could be a problem with the agitator. Make sure there is nothing wrapped around the bottom of it and that it is firmly attached.

Dryer Repair Woodbridge


Your dryer not getting hot is another one of the common problems we see all the time. This will concern the thermal fuse or blocked vents. Make sure the vents are cleared, the lint screen is clear and the dyer isn’t overloaded. 

The thermal fuse will also prevent your dryer from running, or it will cause it to frequently stop before it is finished. If the door won’t close it may need a new latch or the seal around the door is worn out.

Dishwasher Repair Woodbridge

Your dishwasher may be running louder than usual, there may be leaks around the bottom, or it isn’t draining – these are some of the issues we typically encounter with dishwashers. Make sure all the drainage areas are clear and clean. Food particles can get caught and block the drainage tube. This can happen to the spray arm as well.

If your dishes are still dirty, make sure the dishwasher isn’t overloaded, and that the arm is moving freely without anything clogging the holes. Leaks may be caused by a faulty seal on the door or the gasket. Next, check your float switch. As that is what keeps the dishwasher from becoming too full of water.

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Contact us at Alpha Tech Appliance Repair for same-day professional service. Discover why we’re the number one choice in appliance repair in Woodbridge and the GTA. We guarantee quick and professional service every time.

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Our appliance repair technician team consists of ninjas who are quick and clean with their work. They effectively understand the problem with your appliance and fix it with solid hand and sturdy tools.

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Not only is our team great at work but it also consists of the most technicians who are incredibly friendly and honest.

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We believe that fixing things shouldn’t come with frills. So, we put forth reasonable appliance repair costs along with our uncompromised best in class services.

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Our quick response and good working hours allow you to reach out to us quickly and allow us to respond to your requests quickly.

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Our schedules work realistically to make sure your appliance repair is quick and convenient.

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The Alpha Tech Appliance Repair family consists of countless satisfied customers who have commended us for effective diagnosis and repair of their appliances.

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