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Nobody ever wants to deal with a broken dryer. Doing the laundry itself is a bit of a pain…dealing with unexpected mechanical issues is hardly a problem you want to welcome. That being said, dryer repair service need not be a hassle. 

For years, Alpha Tech Appliance Repair has been the primary source for high-quality dryer repair in Toronto. The reason is, that our years of experience in high-end appliance repair, coupled with our lasting dedication to supreme customer satisfaction, result in better outcomes, every time. 

We use long-lasting and affordable dryer repair parts and rely on the expertise of professional appliance service technicians to ensure that you always get better dryer repair near you. And, of course, when we undertake a washer or dryer repair, we work hard to go the extra mile. After working with Alpha Tech Appliance Repair, our goal is to ensure that your next washer and dryer repair service is a long way away. Alpha Tech has always taken dryer repair seriously. If you’re searching for “dryer repair near me” and looking for a local company to fix your dryer, Alpha Tech should be your top choice.

A Few Typical Dryer Problems

The need for clothes dryer repairs will vary depending on the problems you’re encountering. Here are a few of the most common symptoms:

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1. Dryer Has No Heat

A dryer that won’t heat can be a frustrating problem to solve. There are a few possible root causes. The most common is perhaps a malfunction with the heating element, which is itself responsible for upping the temperature in your dryer. Also possible is a failure of the high-limit or cycling thermostats, which are responsible for maintaining safe and effective temperatures in our machine. When these fail, the problem is not that your heating element is unable to function, but simply that your dryer doesn’t “know” how hot it is. In this case, you need dryer repair.  

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2. Dryer Squeaking 

A squeaking dryer is one of the more frustrating problems you can have. Not only is the noise annoying, but it can be difficult to understand as there are many potential causes. 

There may be wearing in the rear drum mount bearings, in the belt idler pulley, in the support roller, or in countless other pieces of the mechanism. Here, a service technician can help by carefully eliminating possibilities (through diligent testing) until the offending component is identified. This ensures that once a dryer repair is made, you won’t have to deal with the issue again as soon as you turn the dryer back on.

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3. Dryer Smells Bad

Over time, lint can build up in your dryer. The idea is to limit this build-up through the use of a lint-catcher…but even the best won’t catch everything. The lint that does get through can cause a blockage of your dryer’s vent, leading to trapped moisture, which leads to bacteria, which in turn leads to a terrible smell. In most cases, a thorough cleaning should be all that’s needed to put things right.

Appliance Brands We Service

And many more…

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What Does It Cost to Repair a Clothes Dryer?

Clothes dryer repair costs are typically extremely reasonable. Generally speaking, the price will vary depending on what parts need to be fixed or replaced, and how serious (and therefore long) the repairs needed are. At Alpha Tech, we go out of our way to promise that the price you receive on our initial estimate is, in fact, the price we charge at the very end.

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What Does It Cost to Install a Dryer?

Like other appliance installations, the cost of dryer installation is typically easy to estimate. Aside from any necessary retrofitting, the average price ranges from $200 up to +$500.

Same Day Dryer Repair

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Tell us about the dryer problem you’re having and we’ll be at your doorstep to fix it in no time. If you’re located in Toronto or anywhere in the GTA, our Alpha Tech appliance technicians can assist you. Call us directly for a dryer repair at 647-930-6966 or send us a request at info@alphatechappliance.ca.

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Frequently Asked Washer Dryer Questions

Can I fix my dryer myself?

Yes, if you feel confident, have guidance and know how to find the problem.

Is it easy to fix the dryer myself?

We always say that everything is easy as long as you know what you are doing. Generally speaking, dryers are pretty simple units.  If you know how to diagnose the problem, you will know how to fix it.

Why is my dryer making a clunking noise?

There are many moving parts in your dryer such as support rollers, pulleys and belts. Some of these components have a certain lifespan to them, and after a certain number of cycles they break down.

Is it safe to repair the dryer yourself?

Dryers are either high voltage or gas operated. In both cases, you have to be extremely careful to work on either of them and be licensed.

How do I know my dryer fuse is broken?

One of the indicators is that the power is there but the dryer is not functioning.

Why is my dryer not drying my clothes?

There could be a variety of issues such as a bad heating element, clogged lint vent, or bad heating thermostat.

How do you diagnose a dryer problem?

Follow the diagnostic procedure compatible with the specific make and model of your dryer by process of elimination.

What tools do I need to fix a dryer?

Screwdrivers, intact drivers and vice grips.

Can I install a dryer myself?

You can do it as long as you follow the instruction booklet step by step.

Is it easy to install a dryer?

If you know how to follow the guidebook, then the process should be simple. If you still need help, we suggest calling one of our technicians.

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