What Types of Appliances Do We Repair?

Our years of experience repairing with both large and small appliances means we can confidently fix virtually any appliance brand in your household. That’s one of the many benefits that come with real experience in the field.

Managing a busy lifestyle means little time for broken or malfunctioning appliances. So when one of your appliances isn’t working right, the team at Alpha Tech Appliance Repair in Toronto is ready to get you back in service.

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We service all makes and models with professionalism and at a reasonable price. There are no hidden fees or additional charges.

We proudly serve the GTA with a focus on our core values:

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Commitment to Customers
  • Trust
  • Transparency

Alpha Tech Appliance is proud to offer appliance repair services to homeowners around Toronto. With years of experience and a dedicated team of professionals, Alpha Tech appliance provides appliance repair for a variety of home appliances. When an appliance in your home breaks it can affect your daily routine, your meals and your life in general. Our appliance technicians are trained in oven repair, stove repair, refrigerator repair, dishwasher repair, washer repair, and dryer repair.

But why choose us for your appliance repair needs in Toronto? Our team of appliance technicians are highly trained and use only the most high-quality tools and parts for your repair service.

Same Day Appliance Repair

Why should you have to wait to have a necessary appliance in your home repaired? At Alpha Tech Appliance we offer same-day appliance repair services to get your home back into working order in no time.

Whether it be your fridge, your stove, your laundry appliances or anything we are confident that the professional repairmen at Alpha Tech Appliance Repair can solve your problem. We offer same-day service for all of your appliance repair needs, or even just to upkeep maintenance on those appliances. Our technicians will diagnose the problem with ease and use the best tools and parts to repair the appliance. We offer reliable service at a reasonable price. Contact one of our support team members now to see how we can improve your home one appliance at a time.

Appliance Repair Service

dryer lint removal -  dryer repair service Toronto

There is not an appliance we can’t fix. Appliances break or wear-down for a number of reasons be it:

  • A broken light
  • Leaking
  • Strange or unusual noises
  • Wear and tear
  • Age
  • Physical damage
  • Misuse of the appliance

No matter the reason for calling Alpha Tech Appliance will be there to ensure your appliances are fixed same-day.

Local Appliance Repair

We are a local appliance repair service serving Toronto & GTA. When it comes to an reliable appliance repair company you want to be able to count on not only the work but the professionalism. The trusted team at Alpha Tech Appliance provides repairs to your home’s appliances that will leave you satisfied and last.

Our areas of expertise in appliance repair service are:

Refrigerator repairDishwasher repairOven repairStove repairWashing Machine repairDryer repairCooktop / Range RepairRange Hood RepairGas Appliance RepairMicrowave RepairWine Cooler Repair
Refrigerator Repair Toronto

Refrigerator repair


  • Fridge not cooling
  • Fridge leaking
  • Not freezing
  • Ice build up
  • Fridge makes noise

When it’s time to repair a fridge, residents of Toronto turn to Alpha Tech Appliance Repair. Your family relies on your fridge to keep food cold and ready to eat on the go. When it’s time for a repair, you need service right away. Our service team professionally evaluates the problem such as not cooling, leaking, or not working at all, going the extra mile to provide the best and quickest repairs so you can get back to the things that matter most.

When To Call Alpha Tech Appliance?

  • Fridge Isn’t Cooling: There are several reasons your fridge might not be keeping your food cold including a burned out motor or a failure in the sealing.
  • Fridge Is Leaking Water: Ice building up or a clogged line can quickly create leaks.
  • Compressor/Condenser Not Working: Electrical issues or age can cause a compressor/condenser to fail.

Alpha Tech has built a reputation of reputable service and going above and beyond to keep customers happy with a 5 Star online rating. When you call us, you are getting service technicians who will offer friendly and honest service.

Refrigerators are meant to keep your food safe and some include a water cooler as well. There are a few things that could leave your refrigerator in need of repair:

  • The Fridge Doors Are Not Closing Properly
  • Water Leakage Under the Fridge
  • The Ice Maker Is Broken
  • Temperature Issues
  • A Broken Freezer
  • Water Dispenser Not Working Properly
  • Strange or Loud Noises

Alpha Tech Appliance Repair is prepared to solve any of these problems as well as offer the same day service.

Dishwasher repair

Dishwasher repair


  • Dishwasher does not drain
  • Leaking water
  • Stuck detergent
  • Unusual noise coming from the dishwasher
  • Dishwasher not drying

Dishwashers make it easy and quick to clean up after meals. When something goes wrong, it can often lead to water backing up or even leaking. Alpha Tech can be on site quickly with trusted same day service. Our technicians provide an accurate and easy to understand quote so you never have to worry about unnecessary repairs. We even take care of the installation if you are getting a new dishwasher.

When To Call Alpha Tech Appliance?

  • Dishwasher Not Filling Or Is Leaking: A clog or tear in the water line can stop water from filling your dishwasher.
  • Dishwasher Isn’t Draining: Food and other debris can stop water from draining from your dishwasher causing pooling.
  • Dishes Not Clean: Clogged jets or poor draining can leave dirt and debris water on your dishes.

Dishwasher repairs, like any appliance repair, are often unexpected. Alpha Tech Appliance Repair offers fair, competitive pricing. We only do the work that needs to be done and we never compromise service. We offer fair and honest quotes and our team will give you the same expert service and care no matter what the final cost.

Your dishwasher is a pivotal part of keeping your kitchen clean so when it is in need of repair your cleaning routine is thrown off. In terms of needed repairs for this key appliance you may need:

  • A Door Latch or Seal Replaced or Repaired.
  • Soap Dispenser Replacement or Repair.
  • Pressure Switch Replacement or Repair.
  • Drain Pump or Fill Valve Replaced or Repaired

Alpha Tech Appliance Repair is prepared to solve any of these problems as well as offer the same day service.

Oven Repair

Oven Repair


  • Oven not heating
  • Doesn’t keep heat
  • Oven lights not working

The first step in knowing whether or not your oven requires repairs from Alpha Tech There are a number of issues that your oven could face that include:

  • Not Heating Up.
  • Heats only To a Warm Temperature.
  • Strange Sounds.
  • The Front Door Is Not Opening.
  • The Front Door Is Not Closing Properly.

Whereas your oven may experience a lack of element heat or issues with lights.

Alpha Tech Appliance Repair is prepared to solve any of these problems as well as offer the same day service.

Stove Repair by alpha tech appliance

Stove Repair


  • Malfunctioning burners
  • Inconsistent temperature
  • Stove not flush with countertops

There is nothing more comforting than coming home to a hot meal. Alpha Tech makes sure there is always a fresh batch of cookies or a tasty bowl of soup with fast, same day service that can be at your door with a quick phone call or the simple click of a mouse. We inspect your stove thoroughly to make sure the issue can be fixed at the best possible price. Oftentimes issues are the result of a blockage or minor issue with a part. We only do the work that needs to be done and never pad a quote with unnecessary repairs. Our technicians make sure that any repair will increase the lifespan of your appliance.

When To Call Alpha Tech Appliance?

  • Stove Isn’t Heating: Electrical issues or faulty igniter can stop your oven or stovetop from working.
  • Element Not Working: Similar to a stove not heating, electrical or igniter issues can keep your element from getting hot.
  • Gas Stove Is Clicking: Excess moisture or debris can stop your gas stove from lighting properly.

Getting your stove working again is as important to Alpha Tech as it is to you. That’s why we offer the fastest response times in Toronto. Our website offers live updates on technician availability so you know you can reach someone today. We work around your schedule so you can be reassured the work will be done fast and when you need it.

Washing Machine Repair Toronto

Washing Machine Repair


  • Washing machine not turning on
  • Washing machine door won’t lock
  • Shaking or rattling

We rely on our washing machine to keep our clothes looking great. Our expert repair technicians make sure you always look great for that important business meeting or special occasion. A Toronto based team means you are never left waiting for repairs. Same day service by a team of highly qualified experts is what homeowners in Toronto have come to know and trust.

When To Call Alpha Appliance?

  • Washer Isn’t Filling Or Is Leaking: A broken water line can prevent the washer drum from filling properly.
  • Washer Isn’t Draining: Clogs in the drain lines can cause water back up leaving your clothes sitting in water.
  • Washer Isn’t Spinning Or Won’t Stop: Sensors issues can stop your washer from performing properly.

Alpha Tech knows you don’t have time to worry about making sure your clothes are clean and ready to wear. We are dedicated to keeping your appliances working. We quickly access the issue and get right to work on repairs.

Laundry day isn’t quite the same when your washer isn’t working the way you need and want it to. You may experience issues with your washer such as:

  • Drain Hose Issues.
  • Fill Hose Problems.
  • Water-Inlet Valve.
  • Clogged Drain.
  • Door Seal (front-Load) Broken.
  • Drain Pump Problems.
  • Drains and Hoses Issues.
  • Tub in Need or Repair.

Alpha Tech Appliance Repair is prepared to solve any of these problems as well as offer the same day service.

dryer repair service

Dryer Repair


  • Excess lint in the dryer
  • Dryer won’t stop running
  • Broken doors

Living in a big urban space like Toronto makes it hard to hang clothes out to dry. We are more reliant on dryers than ever. Alpha Tech Appliance Repair understands how important it is to keep your laundry day as easy as possible. A dryer has many components, from the machine itself to the exhaust pipes. Keeping your machine running properly can prevent more serious issues like bad air circulation or even a fire. Our expert service technicians will give your dryer a thorough inspection to make sure it is running efficiently and safely.

When To Call Alpha Appliance?

  • Dryer Not Heating: Fault sensors can trick your dryer into thinking your clothes are already dry limiting the amount of heat it distributes. Poor airflow or clogged vents can also limit heat.
  • Drum Isn’t Spinning: A broken drive belt can keep your drum from spinning.
  • Exhaust Not Working: Keeping an exhaust-free from debris build-up can prevent fire, as well as prevent moisture from building up in the air of your home.

Your safety is important to us. Keeping your dryer running the way it should at a price that won’t break the bank. We provide upfront quotes that are accurate and never have hidden fees so you never have to worry about compromising your family’s safety to save a few dollars.

Dryer issues that require repair can make that bad day worse, so how do you know if your dryer needs a visit from Alpha Tech Appliance Repair?

  • The Dryer Makes Strange Noises or Vibrates.
  • The Dryer Runs but Does Not Heat Up.
  • The Dryer Doesn’t Run at All.
  • The Dryer Runs but Doesn’t Get Clothes Dry or Leaves Them Damp.
  • The Dryer Runs but Then Shuts Off Quickly Before the Completion of The Cycle.

Alpha Tech Appliance Repair is prepared to solve any of these problems as well as offer the same day service.

Cooktop / Range Repair


  • Gas Stove
  • Electric Stove
  • Range Stove 
  • Wall Oven
  • Microwave Oven
cooktop repair services toronto

Do you find yourself having troubles with your oven not heating? Or the range burners are constantly sparking? Or the cooktop knobs won’t turn? In these cases and many more, a cooktop or range repair is imperative to continue to cook safely. Alpha Tech Appliance Repair services Toronto and GTA residents. Cooktop appliances offer instantaneous and precise heat control, even at very low temperatures. This level of ease provides homeowners the ability to improve their quality of life in the kitchen. Therefore, when an issue presents itself, it is imperative to find a resolution that is done quickly and effectively. The team at Alpha Tech goes above and beyond in both customer service and the high caliber work.  

When To Call Alpha Tech Appliance?

  • Oven not heating
  • Oven door repair
  • Oven fan keeps running
  • Oven igniter malfunction
  • Oven smells like gas leak
  • Cooktop or oven knob won’t turn
  • Stove surface element won’t work
  • Range surface element won’t turn off
  • Range burners spark all the time
  • Error code on the electronic panel

When you call Alpha Tech, you are getting an appliance repair company that takes pride in their work ethic and professional approach. Each project is a unique experience that we tackle with professionalism and care. With years of experience in the industry, our process is met with open communication and kept transparent with fair prices. 

Cooktop and range appliances are designed to make your life in the kitchen easier. When one part begins to show signs of fault, it can affect the entire appliance. These are the most common parts that need repairing or replacing:

  • Oven bake element
  • Oven broil element
  • Stovetop terminal block
  • Oven igniter
  • Spark electrode
  • Spark module
  • Coil surface element
  • Door switch
  • Control knob
  • Grease filter
  • Sealed surface burner
  • Gas orifice

Alpha Tech Appliance Repair is fully licensed and trained to solve any of these problems as well as any other issues or questions you may have regarding your cooktop or range appliance. Contact us today for same-day service.

Range Hood Repair


  • Ducted
  • Non-Ducted or Recirculated
  • Under-Cabinet
  • Wall-Mounted Chimney
  • Ceiling-Mounted Chimney
  • Custom Built-In
range hood repair services toronto

When residents of Toronto and the surrounding GTA are in need of a range hood repair, they reach out to Alpha Tech Appliance Repair! 

Your range hood occupies an integral role in your kitchen’s ventilation system. From large to small tasks, everything from running a restaurant to cooking for a big family, if your range hood is not working properly, your air quality suffers. Poor air quality also means cooking grease, vapor, and smoke can stick to and damage cabinetry and paint. It can even cause the growth of molds!

For these reasons, when it’s time for a range hood repair, our reliable services respond in a timely manner. When our team arrives on the scene, we evaluate what the problem could be such as a burning smell, fan issues, or the motor malfunctioning. Our fully trained technicians put the homeowner first, performing the best repairs to get your appliance back operating as soon as possible.

When To Call Alpha Tech Appliance?

  • No ventilation of smoke and cooking odors
  • Lights or buttons stopped working
  • The fan makes a strange rattling sound
  • The motor won’t turn on 
  • The fan turns on or off by itself
  • A burning smell is in the air

Alpha Tech is trusted in the industry as a reputable appliance repair company that goes above and beyond to make its valued customers happy. When you call us, we are fully committed to you and your needs, and our fair prices don’t sacrifice quality or service. 

Range hoods are important appliances in the kitchen because they are made to improve the air quality of the room after cooking. Your stovetop produces odors, grease, fumes, and smoke and range hoods eliminate them by sucking up the polluted air to then either filter or carry it to the exterior, depending on the model.  

If any of the following occurs, your range hood may be in need of repair:

  • Incoming Power Problem
  • Fuse/Overcurrent Protection Sensor 
  • Defective Switches
  • Issues with the Circuit Control Board  
  • Malfunctioning User Control or Display Board 
  • Fan Motor Not Spinning
  • Fan Not Tightened and Making Noise:  

Alpha Tech Appliance Repair has seen it all! So we are prepared to solve any problem you face and do so with the same-day service we offer at your convenience.

Gas Appliance Repair


  • Gas Cooktop
  • Gas Stove or Range
  • Gas Oven
  • Gas Dryer
Gas oven repair Toronto

If you are experiencing issues with your gas appliance, contact Alpha Tech Appliance Repair. Our trained staff services Toronto and the GTA so appliance repair is near you. Most families use a gas appliance, whether a cooktop, stove, oven or dryer because it brings exceptionally strong heat and easily adjustable temperatures. Thus, when there is a deficiency or error that impedes operations, the repair is necessary. 

After the initial call for service, the team at Alpha Tech will arrive promptly to access the issue. Examples include but are not limited to experiencing your gas oven not turning on, your gas dryer having a burning smell, or the gas stovetop burners, not lighting. Once the issue is diagnosed, our fully licensed technicians begin repair work, acting quickly and efficiently. 

When To Call Alpha Tech Appliance?

  • Gas stove top burners not lighting
  • Gas oven won’t turn on
  • Gas smell from range
  • Gas oven turns off by itself
  • Gas oven lights then go out
  • Gas oven not heating properly
  • Gas dryer won’t turn on
  • Gas dryer burning smell won’t start
  • Gas dryer heat goes on and off
  • Gas dryer not heating properly

We promise satisfaction and our customers back us by giving a 5-star online rating. Alpha Tech understands the urgency of an appliance repair so as a result, works on a fast timeline to get your kitchen back functioning correctly. A call to Alpha Tech means a partner with fully licensed technicians who will offer friendly and honest service.

Gas appliances are meant to save you money on your utility bill, are the eco-friendly choice, and perform powerfully. There are a number of deficiencies that could leave your gas appliance in need of repair:

  • Blocked gas flow to the igniter
  • Faulty igniter
  • Problem with the thermocouple
  • Blocked gas line
  • Electrical issue/circuit breaker
  • The start or door switch is faulty
  • An open thermal fuse
  • Problems with the flame sensor, gas valve coils,  thermostat, igniter, and the timer

Alpha Tech Appliance Repair is on the clock, ready to repair any and all gas appliance-related issues. Request a quote and we will respond within 24 hours. 

Microwave Repair


  • Solo Fridge Microwave Oven
  • Conventional Microwave Oven
  • Grill Microwave Oven
  • Integrated range hood model
  • Built-in model
  • Drawer mounted model

Microwave repair services Toronto

The next time you face an issue that requires microwave repair work, Alpha Tech Appliance Repair is the most reliable, quality-assured service for all residents in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Your family relies on microwaves to make cooking tasks faster and easier. From beginners to experts, all types of home chefs can utilize the microwave’s efficiency to boil water, defrost, and liquefy ingredients over purely stovetop cooking. 

When repair is unavoidable, the search for a technician begins and ends with Alpha Tech. Our dedicated professionals will examine your microwave to identify the problem, such as with buttons not working, weird noises, or the display won’t turn on. You know who to contact to assist you with any microwave issue, no matter the design or model. We are well-versed in all things appliance repair.

When To Call Alpha Tech Appliance?

  • Microwave doesn’t work
  • Light Bulb isn’t working
  • Displays error messages
  • The door won’t latch
  • The display doesn’t work
  • The turntable won’t turn
  • Buttons aren’t working
  • Appliance sparks, arcs, or makes weird noises
  • Microwave won’t heat or heats unevenly

Alpha Tech is the industry’s leader in appliance repair. We go above and beyond to keep our customers happy and make their standards of living that much greater. When you reach out to a five-star company such as ourselves, you are getting fully licensed technicians whose experience and service is fast and efficient.

Microwaves are meant to save food and save time. They thrive because of their efficiency and simplicity. Yet, there can still be issues. Here a few examples that could force your microwave to require repair:

  • Blown main fuse
  • A faulty door switch
  • Defective main control board
  • Food Blockage
  • Burned out Bulb
  • A malfunctioning diode
  • Burned out high-voltage capacitors and transformers
  • Overheated thermoprotector

Alpha Tech Appliance Repair handles all matters with extreme care and caution, ensuring customers are comfortable and satisfied with the job we do. We offer same-day service at the homeowner’s convenience to fix the issue ASAP. 

Wine Cooler Repair


  • Built-in
  • Fully integrated
  • Freestanding
  • Thermoelectric 
  • Compressor 
  • Single or Dual Temperature
frozen fridge repair

Wine coolers easily maintain a constant temperature and chill your wines so they will be ready to serve at any time. When an issue presents itself such as your wine cooler not cooling, it is leaving, or frankly, it is not working at all, a repair service is in order. If you are residing in Toronto or the surrounding GTA, the technicians at Alpha Tech Appliance Repair are able to offer their services right away. After calling us or filling out our online form, our team will come to your home to address the problem. You can trust our honest and ethical business practices that you are getting the most fair prices at top-quality service. 

When To Call Alpha Tech Appliance?

  • Not cooling
  • Warm
  • Noisy
  • Leaking
  • Freezing Up

Alpha Tech’s 5 star online rating is met with satisfied customers. Our reliable responses are timely and we have a commitment to our customers. We have built a reputation of reputable service and continue to thrive within the field of appliance repair. Only fully licensed technicians arrive at the scene and tackle each project with a professional approach that goes unmatched.

Wine coolers help keep your wine properly stored at the right temperature. Issues with any of the four components can be an indication that your wine cooler is in need of repair:

  • Issues with the Compressor
  • Issues with the Capacitor
  • Issues with the Fan
  • Issues with the Thermostat

Alpha Tech Appliance Repair is prepared to solve any of these problems as well as offer the same-day service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the price to fix my appliance?

An initial diagnosis is $69. Parts and labour can vary. For most repairs, labour ranges from $120-280.

Why is my appliance emitting a strange smell?

There are many different reasons for odors. For instance, in water based appliances  (i.e. washer/dishwasher/fridge) bacteria can grow in dark, moist and dirty spaces. In washers the pump drain may not be draining properly and with dishwashers, mould can bacteria can grow when dishes are not being rinsed properly.

Do you have a warranty? If so, how does your warranty work with the manufacturers’ warranty?

Our company will warrant any labour on your unit. We will match the original manufacturers’ warranty which is generally 30 days for labour and 90 days for parts.

My appliance won’t turn on. What should I do?

Check the wall receptacle for power and then check that the breaker is working properly. If they appear to work, then call the technician. 

Should I repair or replace my appliance?

In the vast majority of cases repairing the appliance is less expensive than replacing it.

Is it worth getting an appliance repaired?

This depends on the appliance issue. Always have a technician diagnose the problem before making a decision.

Do I need to maintain my appliances?

Yes. Although many people may not be aware of this, appliances do need periodic maintenance to help prolong its lifespace.

What causes appliances to stop working?

A variety of factors can lead to malfunctioning from misuse, overloading appliances and reasons such as power surges along with natural wear and tear of components.

Can you fix all types of appliances?

Yes. Over the years we have accumulated a wide range of experience servicing all make and models.

Can you fix my appliance on the same day?

We’ll try but it’s not guaranteed. We do our best to carry with us the common parts to maximize efficiency and repair the appliance on the same day.

What if we don’t have the parts?

In the event our technicians don’t have the specific part for repair,  we will order the part and will come back another day to complete the repair. We do require a small deposit for the part and the remaining balance can be paid after installation.

Do we sell parts?

No we do not sell parts.

Do you offer weekend service?

Yes. Currently we have a team of technicians who offer urgent weekend coverage.

How can I trust that my appliance will be repaired properly?

We pride ourselves on trust and customer satisfaction. The only instance when we may not be able to fix an appliance is if the parts are not available or if it costs too much.

Are your employees qualified?

We only hire qualified and experienced technicians.

What if I face a problem again after my appliance is fixed?

We will be more than happy to address and fix the problem again within the warranty period.

Do you call me before coming to fix my appliance?

We will notify you 30 minutes before our arrival via phone call or text.

Appliance Repair in Toronto

As a leading appliance repair and installation company in Toronto, we are proud to extend our services to homeowners in and around the GTA. Distance is not an issue for us. We will come to your location, troubleshoot the appliance, and give you a fair and honest quote on the service. Rest assured that we will repair your appliance promptly and according to industry standards.

Our Customer Reviews

Appliance Installation

Need help installing your new appliance? Well, look no further than Alpha Tech. Combining industry guidelines with our experience in the field, we will install your appliance to last. We also take care of all and any electrical work, plumbing, and post-installation cleanup. Your new appliance will be fully installed and ready to use as soon as we complete the job.

Trust the Experts

Our team of appliance experts are trained, experienced, and just a phone call away! The next time one of your appliances breaks down or you need to install a replacement, you know you can count on Alpha Tech to take care of the problem. Whether it’s a dishwasher, fridge, oven, cooktop, dryer, or stove, we have the knowledge to address the issue and resolve it in no time.