Bosch Dishwasher Error codes

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As one of the most high-performing dishwashers in the market today, Bosch Dishwashers are a choice for not only residential but also commercial kitchens. Not only are they advanced and efficient but they also come with a built-in diagnostic system that lets you easily identify errors and resolve them effectively. However, if you find these error codes being displayed often, you must consult a professional. These may highlight an underlying issue with your machine. If you have been wondering what these error codes mean, we are decoding them for you.

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S.No Error Code Problem Solution
1. E1/E2 This error occurs when there is an issue with the temperature sensor or thermistor Resolve this by checking the thermistor below your dishwasher. You can do this by removing the front cover of the dishwasher and checking if the thermistor is properly connected. In some cases, you might have to replace the thermistor
2. E4 This error means that your dishwasher is unable to fill water. To fix this, first check the main water supply. If the supply is on and the dishwasher is still not filling up, unplug the dishwasher and turn off the main water supply. Check for any calcium build-up. This error may also highlight a problem with your sensor in case of which, there needs to be a replacement of the part.
3. E5 This error suggests that your dishwasher is overflowing with water.

Fix this by turning of the main supply of water. Unplug the device and keep it off for few minutes.

Replug the device and if the problem continues, check the float switch.

4. E6 If this error code is displayed, it means that there are some issues with the aqua sensor of your dishwasher. The aqua sensor of your dishwasher detects whether the water is clean or dirty. It is also responsible for controlling the water turbidity within your dishwasher. If your dishwasher keeps showing this error, you should consider repair or replacement of that part.
5. E9 This error highlights a problem with the heating element of your dishwasher This requires you to check the heater relay on the control board and check if the solder joint on the heating relay is causing this problem. In this case, you should replace the heating element.
6. E15 The error is displayed when your dishwasher is leaking. This is usually caused when the water hoses slip off or when one of the clamps gets weak. Fix this error by unplugging the dishwasher and removing the side panel. You should check for water in the base trough.
7. E16/E17 This code indicated that the water is getting blocked from getting into the filling system. Check the intel hose and make sure it is not bent or damaged. Replace the part if necessary.
8. E18 When this error is displayed, it means that there is an issue with water flow into the dishwasher. This error has more to do with the water level being too low or when the water is not being pumped correctly.

You can fix this by properly inspecting the insides of your dishwasher. Following are the things to check:

  • Make sure that the inlet hose is not kinked or damaged.
  • Ensure that the main supply is turned on and the flow rate is 10 litre per minute.
  • Check the filter in the supply hose. If there is a blockage, shut off the main supply and the dishwasher and clean the filter thoroughly.
9. E22 In newer dishwashers, this error directly tells you that there is water left in the sump due to filter blockage. Remove the filter from the supply hose and wash it under warm running water. Clean the residue with a soft brush and then properly install the filter back into the supply hose.
10. E23

This error is displayed when there is an issue with the waste water pump. It means either of the three:

  • Faulty drain pump
  • Dishwasher pump is clogged
  • Pump is attached incorrectly.
Check the drain pump for any blockages and clean it out thoroughly. If the drain pipe is a problem, replace the part
11. E24/E25 These error codes highlight drainage issues caused by a blocked waste clogged water pump or jammed pump impeller. To check problems with the pump, check if the drain pump cover is loose. The location of the pump cover is different in different models. Refer to your users manual. If the drain pump is blocked, clean the filter with mild soap and water.

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