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There’s a reason why homeowners in Etobicoke and the GTA turn to Alpha Tech Appliance when their appliances stop working. With years of experience servicing all makes and models of home appliances, there is no problem we can’t handle. Is your fridge leaking? Or maybe your fridge isn’t getting cold enough? Perhaps water won’t drain from the drum in your washing machine, a stovetop that can’t heat up burners, a dryer that isn’t drying clothes, or a dishwasher that simply doesn’t wash dishes very well – we’ve seen it all and we’re here to help.

Alpha Tech Appliance has grown to become a trusted name when it comes to getting household appliances back in working order. We’ll deploy one of our trained, licensed, and certified appliance repair technicians to diagnose the issue and recommend the best course of action for your unit. The next time you run into some common problems with your appliances and don’t know where to turn, call the experts at Alpha Tech Appliance.

Fridge Repair Etobicoke

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Alpha Tech Appliance is here to help when Etobicoke homeowners run into issues with their refrigerators. Time is of the essence when a fridge starts acting up, and this is especially true if contents inside are not being adequately cooled and preserved. Our team will complete a thorough inspection to diagnose the problem and begin repairing it. If you hear loud clunking or banging noises, that’s a good indication that your refrigerator isn’t functioning properly.

Common problems with fridges include leaking water, puddles forming on the ground, dirty condenser coils, blocked vents, and a faulty condenser fan motor. Regardless of the issue, our team of professionals are always happy to help – call Alpha Tech Appliance for all of your fridge repair needs.

Stove Repair Etobicoke

Alpha Tech Appliance repair techs are experts when it comes to stovetop repair. When homeowners in Etobicoke turn to us for their appliance repair needs, they know they’ll be getting a friendly and knowledgeable service technician.

They are deployed immediately to address the problem and ensure other problems don’t start popping up. Some of the common problems we see with stoves include burners that won’t ignite, burners that take too long to heat up properly,  induction elements that don’t heat at all, or loud clicking noises.

Washer Repair Etobicoke

Washing machines are an essential component to our lives. These handy appliances make the laundry process fairly simple. But when disaster strikes and your appliance doesn’t function as it should, it can become a major disruption in your life.

Some signs you can look out for if you suspect your washing machine may be running out of steam include bad smells, loud vibrations and weird noises, water leaks, detergent getting clogged, and a machine that either doesn’t run at all or won’t drain water properly. Regardless of the dilemma you face, Alpha Tech Appliance has years of experience servicing all different models of washing machines.

Dryer Repair Etobicoke

Much like a washing machine, our dryers are a vital part of the laundry process, and when this machine isn’t working as it should, it can become very frustrating. The second you suspect you have an issue with your clothes dryer, call the experts at Alpha Tech Appliance for assistance.

We will have a technician deployed as soon as possible to diagnose the issue – whether it’s an appliance that randomly powers down mid-cycle or perhaps your clothes aren’t drying fully. When this is the case, the odds are you are dealing with a faulty thermal fuse. Weird noises and vibrations are often indicative of issues with the dryer drum.

Dishwasher Repair Etobicoke

dishwasher repair by alpha tech

There’s nothing worse than opening the dishwasher after a cycle is complete just to find dirty dishes, food still caked on the plates or a machine that isn’t draining water. None of these situations are things you want to experience with your appliance, but if you ever run into trouble and need assistance, call Alpha Tech Appliance. We’ll get your machine back up and running so you can get back to living your life.

Due to years of dedicated service repairing all sorts of different appliances in Etobicoke and across the GTA, Alpha Tech Appliance has developed a solid reputation as a repair company homeowners can turn to. So the next time there’s an issue with one of your appliances, call Alpha Tech Appliance to save the day.

Why You Should Hire Us

Here’s why Alpha Tech Appliance Repair should be your one stop shop for appliance repair in Etobicoke:

Skilled and Knowledgeable

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Our appliance repair technician team consists of ninjas who are quick and clean with their work. They effectively understand the problem with your appliance and fix it with solid hand and sturdy tools.

Friendly Team of Appliance Technicians

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Not only is our team great at work but it also consists of the most technicians who are incredibly friendly and honest.

Fair, Competitive Appliance Repair Costs

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We believe that fixing things shouldn’t come with frills. So, we put forth reasonable appliance repair costs along with our uncompromised best in class services.

Quick Response Time

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Our quick response and good working hours allow you to reach out to us quickly and allow us to respond to your requests quickly.

Working to Your Convenience

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Our schedules work realistically to make sure your appliance repair is quick and convenient.

Dedication to Customers

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The Alpha Tech Appliance Repair family consists of countless satisfied customers who have commended us for effective diagnosis and repair of their appliances.

For fast and effective appliance repair services in Etobicoke, reach out to Alpha Tech Appliance Repair today!