Frigidaire Appliance Repair

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When it comes to Frigidaire appliances and repair, nobody does it better than Alpha Tech Appliance. Whether it’s washer and dryers, fridges, ovens, dishwashers, and beyond, Alpha Tech Appliance has built a superior reputation by expertly servicing Frigidaire appliances to ensure they are running like new.

Samsung Refrigerator Repair

Frigidaire Fridge Repair

Refrigerator repair is no laughing matter. When a fridge malfunctions it won’t take much time for the contents inside to begin spoiling.

Fortunately, there are usually signs that will indicate an issue prior to a breakdown. Some things to look out for include strange noises or thuds, a seal that’s not fully engaged, the drain hose is frozen or not draining, or the ice maker is not working.

Whirlpool dishwasher not working

Frigidaire Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers have become very useful tools in the kitchen. Things can really go off the rails when your dishwasher starts to act up. Alpha Tech Appliance repair techs are here to help if you notice any leaking, strange noises, or trouble with drainage. If your dishes aren’t coming out clean, water might not be filling up properly or the cycle might not be completed.

Frigidaire Oven Repair

If you invest in a Frigidaire oven, it only makes sense to keep up with the necessary routine maintenance to keep the appliance operating at maximum potential. Fortunately, Alpha Tech Appliance has technicians that are well versed in servicing Frigidaire brands.

Some worrisome signs to look out for include your oven not reaching the set temperature, the broil element won’t work, the oven door doesn’t work properly, the self-cleaning option isn’t cooperating and sparks coming from the element.

Samsung Stove Repair

Frigidaire Cooktop Repair

Our team of professionals can service your Frigidaire oven and cooktop whenever disaster strikes. We understand how instrumental this appliance is when it comes to preparing meals for your family.

When it comes to gas and electrical expertise, Alpha Tech Appliance has fully trained and certified technicians that can safely get your cooktop up and running once again.

Frigidaire Washer Repair

Washing machines are like lifelines in this day and age. It’s far more convenient to complete laundry in the house rather than packing up all your dirty clothes and heading to the local laundromat or even washing your clothes by hand. Fortunately for homeowners, there is no model of Frigidaire washing machines that our team at Alpha Tech Appliance can’t handle.

There are a few signs to keep an eye on to catch minor problems before they turn into major issues. Does your washing machine turn off randomly during a cycle, or not turn on at all? Do you hear loud thudding and banging? Does the drum turn properly and is water draining? Do you notice leaking water or a burning smell? All of these are indications that you need a service tech to come to take a look.


Frigidaire Dryer Repair

Although dryers aren’t as vital during the laundry process as the washing machine, it does save a lot of time compared to air drying. If you are finding clothes coming out of the machine that isn’t fully dry or if the drying cycle randomly stops, consider reaching out to the Frigidaire professionals at Alpha Tech Appliance.