Which Is Better: A Gas or Electric Dryer?

Buying appliances for your home often requires a lot of research to find out which option is right for you. Smaller Items such as toasters and kettles may not take as much thought, but bigger items, like your laundry dryers do.With so many makes and models out there, it may seem like you’re faced with an overwhelming number of choices.

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How to Protect Stove Top Glass from Cracks?

Homeowners across the GTA love glass top stoves because its functionality allows them to heat food more quickly and cook evenly, its refined appearance, and how easy they are to clean and maintain. Glass top stoves are however prone to fissure due to the fragility of a glass surface. Cracks and chips are extremely dangerous and can even render your stove top unusable. Therefore, after reading several inquiries from our customers asking, “how can I repair my cracked stove top?”, Alpha Tech Appliance Repair’s certified technicians have answered just that and so much more all outlined in this informational guide below.

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What to do if a washing machine won’t fill with water?

One of the conveniences of modern living is being able to put your clothes to wash and step away while the washing machine does its thing. When the washing machine fills slowly, doing laundry becomes more time-consuming. The frustration deepens when there is no water going into the washing machine at all.

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Why Is My Dryer Squeaking?

dryer repair by alpha tech

Everybody loves their clothes dryer and probably couldn’t imagine living without one. It allows you to quickly, efficiently, and effectively dry your clothes in a reasonable amount of time at any given moment. We know there’s nothing more disappointing than finding that your dryer has started to give off an annoying squeaking noise during operation. You’re also worried about whether that squeaking could lead to bigger problems or even a complete breakdown.

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15 Things You Should Never Put in Your Dishwasher

dishwasher repair Richmond hill

The dishwasher is an essential appliance in every kitchen. Every day it’s expected to have our dishes sparkling clean. It saves significant time that we’d otherwise be spending washing dishes by hand. So when disaster strikes and this much-relied upon appliance malfunctions, we really begin realizing how significant a role the dishwasher truly plays in our life. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to ensure nothing you do will inadvertently damage the machine.

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Why Are Clothes Still Damp After Using a Dryer?

Your clothes dryer is a workhorse appliance. You depend on it to keep your household chores flowing smoothly. But what happens when your clothes are still damp after they come out of the dryer? It’s an annoying and frustrating circumstance that the experts at Alpha Tech Appliance are here to help you with. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most common reasons why your dryer isn’t heating properly and how to fix it.

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Why is my Gas Stove Making Noises

Are you wondering why your gas stove keeps clicking? Is your gas stove clicking, but not lighting? It can be both frustrating and worrisome when you begin to hear some of these noises. The clicking sound comes from the igniter, but once the stove is lit, it should stop.

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5 Reasons Why Your Whirlpool Washer Won’t Start

Washing machine drum repair

Without a doubt, one of the staple appliances in your home is the washing machine. Without clean clothes, you wouldn’t be able to function in your daily life, whether it be at your job or simply running errands. Clean clothes ensure that you can live your life confidently and in good health.

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Why Won’t my Dishwasher Door Close?

Whirlpool dishwasher not working

You’ve had a long day at work. You make dinner for your family and can’t bring yourself to wash the pile of dishes. So, you open your dishwasher and load it. You attempt to close it only to realize that the door won’t close. This is so not what you need during a busy work week, so the experts at Alpha Tech Appliance Repair provided this handy guide on how to fix a dishwasher door. 

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Samsung Dryer Error Codes


Problems with your clothes dryer are much easier to troubleshoot, thanks to Samsung Dryer error codes. These codes can tell you exactly where and what the problem is so you can get your dryer back up and running in no time.

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