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A good washer should be one of the most reliable appliances in your household. That being said, even quality machines can experience trouble. When that happens, the experience can feel overwhelming. After all, the modern washing machine is a complicated device.

The good news is, you’ve come to the right place. Washer repair is no longer intimidating. The team at Alpha Tech Appliance Repair are the pre-eminent experts on appliance repair in Toronto. Washing machine repair, in particular, is one of our most common areas of service. Once we receive your call, we will send a team member with serious experience in washer repair service to diagnose the problem and begin the process of repairing your washing machine. 

By using only experienced professionals and the most reliable washing machine parts in Toronto, we can ensure you receive quality appliance repair service near you, every time. If you need high-end appliance repair, Alpha Tech can help ensure your apparatus continues to serve you well long into the future.

Common Washing Machine Problems

Washing machine repair is not uncommon. Such a high-use item is bound to encounter issues once in a while. Here are a few common problems:

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1. Washer Isn’t Spinning

Problems with your washer’s spin cycle can be tricky… 

Sometimes, the issue may be something as simple as an unbalanced load of clothes, which clump together on one side and through the machine off. Similarly, if the machine itself is off-balance (positioned incorrectly), it may not spin properly.

On the more serious side of things, spin trouble could indicate problems with your washer’s motor, or with the spin switch inside the door.

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2. Washing Machine Isn’t Draining

Often, a washing machine that won’t drain is simply the victim of a clog in the drain hose. Otherwise, the hose itself may be damaged, preventing it from draining adequately. In either case, a repair technician can help by both manually draining the machine, and the safely attending to the blockage or malfunctioning hose.

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3. Washing Machine Not Dispense Detergent

Front-loading washers sometimes encounter this issue because of build-up and blockages in the detergent compartment. In many cases, simply cleaning it out can present a quick fix. In the long-term, taking care to use high-quality detergents can help to avoid the problem going forward.

If cleaning out the detergent dispenser doesn’t help, the problem may actually be with the dispensing system itself. In this case, further repairs will be needed.

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What Does It Cost to Repair a Washing Machine?

Estimating the cost of washing machine repair will always depend on the model in question and what particular repairs are required. In a general sense, you will pay for the time of the service professional involved and for the cost of any replacement parts that are needed. The good news is, with washing machine prices only going up, you’ll likely save significant money by opting to conduct washer repair on your old machine rather than replace it.

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What Does It Cost to Install a Washing Machine?

As with any appliance installation, washing machine installation costs are fairly straightforward. In situations where the machine simply needs to be delivered, set-up, and connected, a price in the low hundreds is common. If, however, there is work needed to prepare the space (be it moving lines or doing some retrofitting) the cost may rise.

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