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Bringing the best of appliance repair services to King City, the Alpha Tech Appliance team is made up of . We work with professionalism and hands-on experience to make sure your appliances work best and you stress less. Transparency and trustworthiness is a part of our core values and we take up every project swearing by these values. As a customer-oriented service provider, we understand the variety in appliance problems and come with tactical solutions.

Skilled in All Appliance Repair

Dryer Repair by Alpha Tech King City

Our appliance repair service extends from your laundry appliances to your kitchen appliances. As technology has been advancing in household appliances, so are their repair needs. We understand your machine from the very motherboard and fix all hardware and electrical issues. You can trust us with a jammed washer and we’ll figure out the problem and fix it within no time. We are also good with understanding your dryers from the inside and get them working effectively.

Fridge Repair by Alpha Tech Appliances King City

To make sure you make the best meal without any hindrances, we fix all major appliances in your kitchen. We are trained at treating electric cooktops as well as gas cooktops. We also fix a variety of problems that you may face with your ovens– overheating, inside bulb fuse or jammed rotator, we know how to repair it all. We are also good at fixing your fridge so your food stays as fresh as it should be. For all your home appliance repair needs, we are definitely your best buddies.

Appliance Repair and Installation

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We offer best in class services for both appliance repair and installation. You can trust us with getting your new appliance up and running within no time. If you want to spare yourself the stress of replacing an old appliance with a new one, let us do all the stressful work for you. We offer the most professional appliance replacement services in town so you can trust us with your brand new washer and dryer set or with your shiny new cooktop with a multi-setting oven. We truly are experts at new appliance installation in King City.

What Makes Us Different in Appliance Repair

We offer more than just a fix, we offer a promise. Here’s why we at Alpha Tech Appliance Repair, should be your first choice for appliance repair:

Fair Appliance Repair Prices

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We treat your home like our own and hence our services come with honesty. This is reflected in the appliance repair cost we charge from our customers. Our prices are reasonable and no compromise is made on the quality of work we do.

Dedication to Customers

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For us, you satisfaction is the priority. We make sure our repair schedules work alongside yours.

Team of Appliance Experts

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An appliance repair technician from Alpha Tech Appliance Repair is always an experienced staff who knows the job and works to add value to our partnership with our customers. We have a team full of friendly and skilled staff.

Extensive Knowledge in Appliance Repair

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We have an experience in fixing appliances manufactured by a variety of different manufacturers with common names including Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Kitchenaid and many more.

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If you have been looking for the most cost-effective efficient team of appliance technicians in King City, book an appointment with Alpha Tech by calling or sending us an email.