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For the modern homeowner, appliances aren’t just a luxury, they’re a necessity for cooking, cleaning and keeping your family healthy and happy. So when one of those appliances stops working or experiences some common problems, you need a professional appliance repair service you can trust to solve the issue.

The experienced team at Alpha Tech Appliance works with appliances of all types, sizes, makes and models. We even provide same-day repairs because we care about the needs of our clients.

Fridge Repair Georgetown

Is your refrigerator not cooling? This is one of the most common issues that homeowners experience with a fridge. It could be an issue with one of several components of your appliance. It could be that your condenser coils are dirty or that the condenser fan motor is faulty.

Because of our vast experience with refrigerator repair in Georgetown, the technicians at Alpha Tech Appliance know how to work on and fix all different types of fridges. We will quickly diagnose the issue and get your fridge up and running once again.

Stove Repair Georgetown

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If your stove’s induction element won’t heat or your gas burner is heating very slowly, it’s time to call a certified professional to investigate. Not only is a problem with your stove an inconvenience, it could also pose a hazard to people living in the home if it goes unchecked for too long.

All of our repair crews are experts in stove repair and know how to safely work on these appliances – you can rest easy knowing that your stove was repaired to the highest of standards. So when your stove’s electric burner won’t heat, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Washer Repair Georgetown

If your washer won’t drain or your washer won’t run at all, your laundry is going to pile up very fast. You need a washer repair professional to come in immediately. So, even if you have a smelly washer or the detergent won’t dispense, Alpha Tech Appliance technicians will work quickly to resolve the issue.

Our team carries most of the commonly needed parts on their trucks, so in many cases, we can provide same-day repairs to our clients. We know that you can’t afford to have any laundry issues, so we work our best around your busy schedule to get the job done.

Dryer Repair Georgetown


Is your dryer making strange noises? Does your dryer run then shut down immediately? It could be an issue with a faulty thermal fuse or another component that needs to be cleaned and replaced. Your best option is to call a professional dryer repair technician who can safely inspect the dryer to identify the problem.

We only use the highest quality parts and premium tools paired with our extensive experience to fix any dryer issue that you might be having. So if your dryer runs but the clothes aren’t getting dry, you know who to call!

Dishwasher Repair Georgetown

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Does your dishwasher leave spots on your glassware? Is your dishwasher leaving leftover crumbs on dishes? An expert dishwasher repair technician like the ones at Alpha Tech Appliance can help! Whether your dishwasher is not draining or your dishwasher is not drying, we can repair your dishwasher no matter what issue you are facing. It’s an essential time-saving appliance that many families would struggle to operate without. It could be a blocked or faulty spray arm, a broken soap dispenser, or an electrical issue, but no matter what, our experts will identify and fix the problem.

Why Choose Alpha Tech Appliance

If you need “reliable appliance repair Georgetown,” then Alpha Tech Appliance is the right choice for you. With same-day service and experienced technicians working on all makes and models of appliances, there’s no job our team of talented technicians isn’t ready to tackle. 

With upfront pricing and renowned communication skills, we know that our valued clients appreciate our personal touch for every project we work on. Our team is always there to help with a smile. 

We treat all of our clients and their homes with the utmost respect, which means that there’s no mess when the job is done. Contact us today to book your free consultation, and let us fix your appliances without any hassle.

Why You Should Hire Us

Here’s why Alpha Tech Appliance Repair should be your one stop shop for appliance repair in Georgetown:

Skilled and Knowledgeable

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Our appliance repair technician team consists of ninjas who are quick and clean with their work. They effectively understand the problem with your appliance and fix it with solid hand and sturdy tools.

Friendly Team of Appliance Technicians

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Not only is our team great at work but it also consists of the most technicians who are incredibly friendly and honest.

Fair, Competitive Appliance Repair Costs

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We believe that fixing things shouldn’t come with frills. So, we put forth reasonable appliance repair costs along with our uncompromised best in class services.

Quick Response Time

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Our quick response and good working hours allow you to reach out to us quickly and allow us to respond to your requests quickly.

Working to Your Convenience

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Our schedules work realistically to make sure your appliance repair is quick and convenient.

Dedication to Customers

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The Alpha Tech Appliance Repair family consists of countless satisfied customers who have commended us for effective diagnosis and repair of their appliances.

For fast and effective appliance repair services in Georgetown, reach out to Alpha Tech Appliance Repair today!