Gas Line Installation & Repair

Gas supplies energy to your home and adds comfort and efficiency. Part of the intricate network of a new home is its gas pipelines, which deliver the natural gas needed to heat your home and run indoor and outdoor gas appliances.

Proper natural gas line installation is critical for the safety of your home and family. Alpha Tech Appliance has been installing and repairing gas lines across the GTA for years. We are the perfect gas line installation near you for pre-build and new developments. As gas line experts, your home is safe with our professional gas line technicians.

For residential gas line installation, repairs, and rough-ins, Alpha Tech Appliance licensed technicians are the pros for the job. 

We are committed to safely installing and repairing gas lines in residential homes in the GTA. We install all the gas lines to power your indoor and outdoor appliances and are experienced in working on projects of all sizes. We are a licensed Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) contractor and fully insured.

Our services also include gas line installation for:

  • Barbecues
  • Gas ranges
  • Dryers
  • Fireplaces
  • Gas stoves
  • Gas cooktops
  • Patio heater

Gas Line Installation

Installing a gas line for a new residential property requires a high level of expertise and skill. Because natural gas is highly flammable and can lead to serious health issues if inhaled, your gas line installation should not be left to chance. Hire the gas experts at Alpha Tech Appliance for proper installation of gas lines for residential properties. We’ll establish a gas line network for your home for safe delivery of natural gas throughout your home.

All of our technicians are licensed and experienced gas line installation professionals who prioritize safety and know how to properly install gas lines. We have extensive experience and are knowledgeable on local building codes and safety regulations. We install interior and exterior gas lines in compliance with these guidelines. This ensures top safety for your family and home. 

We also ensure that there is sufficient ventilation to prevent gas fumes from escaping into your home and causing serious health issues. Count on us to use quality materials that ensure your gas lines stay intact and are safe from leaks and corrosion.

Gas Line Repair

A damaged gas line can compromise the safety of your household. To prevent gas fumes from escaping into your home, regular inspections are necessary. Call us at the first sign of a damaged gas line or a gas leak. 

Damage to gas lines can occur suddenly or slowly overtime. Sometimes damage to a gas pipeline may be caused by natural agents, for example, the expansion of tree roots. It may not be obvious that something has shifted underground, but there are some ways to tell if your gas line needs repair.

Common Signs That You Need Gas Line Repair

Unusual odour

Natural gas has no odour, but to make it detectable, utility companies give it a distinct odour so you can smell a leak. 

Hissing sound

If you hear a hissing or whistling sound close to your gas appliances or pipes, this could mean you have a leak.

Dead plants

Plants or grass that are dying in your lawn or around your house is a sign that gas may be escaping from pipes in the yard. If plants are dying indoors, the leak is inside the home.

Paying more for your gas

Using more gas than usual (i.e. gas leaks) will increase your energy consumption.

It’s imperative that you call gas experts to address any gas line repair in your home quickly. At the earliest detection of a gas leak, evacuate your home immediately and turn to our team for professional gas line repair. We use advanced equipment to detect gas leaks quickly and safely.

Our team is equipped and knowledgeable on gas line repair and can help restore safety to your home in no time.

Gas Line Connection

Homes require a gas line network that includes external and internal connections that will deliver natural gas to the home for the various appliances in and around your home. Establishing a connection between your gas supply and your home is a task that should be entrusted to seasoned and licensed professionals. If your home does not have an established gas line rough-in already, as is the case with some pre-built homes and new development, our team is experienced and equipped to establish one for you.We’ll determine the appropriate path for the pipes and create a gas line network tailored to your home. Every home is different and requires experienced technicians who can use specialized techniques and skills for complex projects and know what factors to consider when making decisions about your gas line installation.

BBQ Gas Line Installation

Confidently fire up your grill with a secure BBQ gas line installation. Having a gas line to fuel your barbecue is far more convenient than having to refill or replace propane tanks. It is also a more affordable option. In most cases, we can connect to a BBQ gas line in a straighforward process. Our team will help set it up and ensure that natural glass is safely and efficiently delivered to your barbecue.

Our services include underground gas installation so that gas is safely delivered to your barbecue, fire pit, or pool. Alpha Tech Appliance is the most trusted team in gas line installation and repair in the GTA. Our technicians are licensed and experienced and can help you with any gas line-related issue you are experiencing.


Gas Fitting

An essential part of gas line installation is having the appropriate fittings that are durable and secure to supply and deliver gas safely to your home. We use gas compliant products and accessories to connect gas lines to appliances for new development and pre-built homes. We will roll out the red carpet for you to ensure that all your gas fitting is secure and up to code.

Gas Appliance Installation

We guarantee that every gas appliance installation done by our team will be done according to Ontario’s Safety Standards and at competitive rates. Count on us to hook up your gas appliances to your gas supply with a smooth and efficient gas connection. Your safety is our priority. We have the right equipment to ensure a proper and secure gas connection. We specialize in installing the following gas appliances:

Gas Stove Installation

Using gas to supply energy for your stove is much more cost efficient than electric counterparts. Benefit from a gas stove line installation for a more efficient cooking experience by managing temperatures more easily. We are experienced in installing all major brands and models of gas stoves. As a fully insured and a TSSA registered gas connector, our technicians have the skill and expertise to safely and securely install and connect your new gas stove.

Gas Cooktop Installation

Gas cooktops are expensive appliances and you need a reputable team you can trust. Making sure that it is correctly installed requires the expertise of an appliance installation expert like Alpha Tech Appliances. The accommodation for your new gas cooktop is already made and the last issue you need is the risk of improper gas connection.

Gas Range Installation

Getting a new slide-in gas range is always exciting but the next step is ensuring it is functional. Whether you have an existing gas line or need installation to a new gas line, our team is well equipped to do this safely and properly. Before we leave, we test your new gas range, ensuring your satisfaction.

Gas Dryer Installation

While having a gas dryer can be more efficient than electric dryers, it needs to be installed properly. Fortunately Alpha Tech Appliance guarantees satisfaction and a professional installation every single time. Have peace of mind knowing that your dryer has been installed safely and connected properly to the outside gas line.

Patio Heater Gas Line

Enjoy the comforts of a well heated and cozy patio so you can enjoy your outdoor space even when temperatures dip. We provide safe and proper patio gas line installation so you can enjoy your patio time comfortably.

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Trust Alpha Tech Appliance with all of your gas appliance installation, gas line hookup and repair needs. We offer a variety of gas line services for gas fireplaces, gas cooktops, gas stoves, patio heaters and more. 

Your safety is secure with us. Make your home comfortable and efficient with professional natural gas line installation regardless if you have a new build or pre-built home.

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