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Just like any other machine, the appliances at your home seem to have their own way of working. Sometimes they may just stop working. This is normal. But what you need is a hands-on and accessible technician who can repair your appliance in no time. At Alpha Tech Appliances you get the most professional Appliance Repair in Barrie. Our technicians have been repairing appliances around this area for a very long time and ensure that proper diagnosis is done and the right repair is provided. No matter what appliance you have, we can take care of them all.

Washer Repair

Washer Repair by Alpha Tech Appliance Barrie

When there is something going wrong with the washer, it usually displays error codes. While you can clear these error codes, there are some issues that require repair. The technicians at Alpha Tech understand your washers and bring you the right solutions so the problem is not recurring. We can repair all models from all brands including Bosch, Kitchenaid, Maytag, LG, Samsung and many more.

Refrigerator Repair

Fridge Repair Services Barrie

Whether new or old, there are some common problems with every refrigerator that need to be fixed instantly. A damaged refrigerator can also damage the food inside. If you ignore the problems with your refrigerator, your food will get contaminated. If you notice that your fridge is leaking or is not cooling enough, call us and our technicians will fix it quickly for you.

Dryer Repair

Washer Repair Contractors Barrie

Whether it’s a gas dryer or an electric dryer, we can give you a professional dryer repair service. Nowadays, there are many new models that come with various functions. We understand the complexities that come with more features. It is common for dryers to make sounds or stop working mid cycle. In older models, it is common for the dryer to take too long to dry clothes or not dry the clothes at all. If you have been facing problems with your dryer, don’t worry. Call us and we will fix it for you.

Oven and Stove Repair

Stove Repair Services Barrie

If your oven and stove are not working, no need to order take out food everyday. At Alpha Appliances, our technicians act fast and efficiently repair your oven and stove. Some of the common problems with your stove and oven include overheating, electrical issues, burning smell or slow heating. If you have been experiencing any of these problems with your appliances, don’t worry. Call us and we will fix it back to normal. We fix both electric and gas cooktops from a variety of brands.

Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher Repair Services Barrie

Hand washing the dishes can be quite a task, especially after a family feast. At Alpha Tech Appliances, we make sure you get a fast and effective dishwasher repair so that there are no added tasks on your chore list. We are savvy with fixing a variety of dishwashers and pay attention to every wiring. It is common for dishwashers to not clean the dishes properly or leak during the cleaning cycle. Noisy dishwashers are also a common problem. We make sure we go to the very cause of the problem and offer effective repair.

If you want the most trusted appliance repair in Barrie, Alpha Tech Appliances is the right choice for you. Here’s why you should trust us:

Appliance Repair Services Barrie
  • The happiness of our customers is central to our values. We have served more than 1000 homeowners in and around Barrie. We have always ensured that our customers are satisfied by the service we provide. Integrity, accountability, commitment to customers, trust and transparency have been our core values and we have made a name in the market by staying true to them.
  • We understand that a broken appliance causes a lot of disruptions to your daily lifestyle. This is why we offer same day repair services. Our professional technicians are fast at what they do and yet ensure that the repair is done properly.
  • We believe that since buying appliances is an expensive affair, repairing appliances should not be. We offer reasonably priced repair services and ensure that repair fits within your budget. We also offer discounts and promos from time to time so you can save and still have your appliance repaired.
  • With a prompt customer care team, we act on your repair requests promptly and ensure that our technicians arrive at your home on time.
  • Not only do we offer the best repair services, but we also offer professional installation of any of your new appliances.

Don’t live with a broken appliance anymore! Call Alpha Tech Appliances or simply fill the online contact form and our technician will be in touch with you shortly.