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When our major appliances don’t work, most of us have no idea what to do. Short of turning them off and then back on, we tend to be lost. That’s why calling Alpha Tech Appliance in East Gwillimbury is a smart choice.

It can be very frustrating when our large appliances are not working properly, in particular, if they are fairly new. These appliances are built to last, so quite often the problem isn’t a crisis. When you encounter some common problems with your household appliances, it’s best to call a reliable team of experts like the ones at Alpha Tech Appliance.

Appliance Repair East Gwillimbury

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Alpha Tech Appliance has a dedicated team of professional technicians who can come to help with your appliances. They bring many years of experience and knowledge and can work on all makes and brands of appliances.

Our same-day service means your life will not be disrupted for very long. We proudly service the East Gwillimbury area for all major appliance repair and installation.

Fridge Repair East Gwillimbury

One of the most common problems we see with fridges is that they are not getting cold enough. Often, you can’t always tell but you may be finding food that has spoiled or has high amounts of condensation.

Start by checking the temperature control. These can easily get bumped when placing items in the fridge and you may have inadvertently turned it down or off. This issue could be due to blocked vents or dirty condenser coils. Make sure nothing is blocking the vents in your fridge. The cold air is not circulating properly so try rearranging your items.

Stove Repair East Gwillimbury

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Another big issue we get called out for is stove issues. Perhaps you can’t get the gas to light or it only provides a low flame. For electric stoves, some of the common problems include  elements that won’t heat up or the oven doesn’t get hot.

Your gas lines could be kinked, blocked, or leaking. For electric stoves, the issue could be anything from a faulty fuse or dirty and blocked elements. Cleaning the stove may help to solve the issue. If you aren’t comfortable finding the source of the problem, just give us a call. We offer same-day service and can check out your stove to find a solution as soon as possible.

Washer Repair East Gwillimbury

There are several common problems that can happen with your washing machine. Leaks are common issues, or it may not be draining. Sometimes, the washing machine could be vibrating or moving out of place. 

The agitator might not be working and the detergent is still stuck to your clothes, the machine won’t fill, or it may smell inside. Check your connections for power and water, and clean out your machine. If you see sparks or are concerned about a fairly substantial leak, unplug the machine, and turn off the water supply. Call one of your Alpha Tech Appliance technicians for help.

Dryer Repair East Gwillimbury


Dryers can also run into problems, especially if they are used everyday. Common problems include the dryer not getting hot, making a lot of noise, or simply not working at all.

Check your connections and fuses, including the exhaust pipe. Make sure the lint trap is cleaned out, and don’t overload the dryer. If you think it is a bigger problem, unplug it and call us to come to take a look. Damaged dryers can also be a fire hazard so if you don’t see anything that seems to be causing the problems, don’t try to find the problem on your own. You don’t want to risk injuring yourself.

Dishwasher Repair East Gwillimbury

A very common problem with dishwashers is that the dishes were not rinsed properly before they were put in. Even small particles of food can clog your dishwasher causing it to not drain completely. It can also contribute to a foul smell.

Dishes may have spots or still be dirty. Make sure you are not overloading the machine. Leaks are also a common problem and can be coming from the back, the bottom, or around the door. 

The heating elements may be worn out or damaged and this will cause your dishes not to dry. The heating elements also heat the water up to clean the dishes, so if that isn’t happening, it likely needs to be replaced.

Why Choose Alpha Tech Appliance

We have highly trained and experienced technicians that provide same-day service and can repair all makes and brand names. We find a solution to whatever your problem is, make repairs and clean up so you will never even know we were there.

Why You Should Hire Us

Here’s why Alpha Tech Appliance Repair should be your one stop shop for appliance repair in Gwillimbury:

Skilled and Knowledgeable

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Our appliance repair technician team consists of ninjas who are quick and clean with their work. They effectively understand the problem with your appliance and fix it with solid hand and sturdy tools.

Friendly Team of Appliance Technicians

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Not only is our team great at work but it also consists of the most technicians who are incredibly friendly and honest.

Fair, Competitive Appliance Repair Costs

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We believe that fixing things shouldn’t come with frills. So, we put forth reasonable appliance repair costs along with our uncompromised best in class services.

Quick Response Time

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Our quick response and good working hours allow you to reach out to us quickly and allow us to respond to your requests quickly.

Working to Your Convenience

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Our schedules work realistically to make sure your appliance repair is quick and convenient.

Dedication to Customers

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The Alpha Tech Appliance Repair family consists of countless satisfied customers who have commended us for effective diagnosis and repair of their appliances.

For fast and effective appliance repair services in Gwillimbury, reach out to Alpha Tech Appliance Repair today!