LG Dishwasher Error Codes

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What Does Lg Dishwasher Codes Mean ? Learn How to Fix Them

LG Dishwashers are one of the most popular home appliances. Their ease of use and efficiency makes them a preferred choice for millions of homeowners across the globe. While every machine needs repair once in a while, these dishwashers have a self-diagnostic system that helps the users understand what issue the dishwasher is facing. Most error codes are mentioned in the user manual of These error codes also help technicians locate and fix the problem. Here are the possible LG dishwasher error codes.

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S.NoError codeProblemSolution
1.OEThis error suggests that a drain issue has been detected by your machine.Drain issues can be due to clogged food and wrongly installed machines. Check for clogged waste in the drain pipe and ensure that the dishwasher is installed correctly. If the problem persists, press the Cancel and Drain buttons simultaneously.
2.LEThis error code is displayed when the dishwasher detects an issue with the motor operation.Press the power button and turn the dishwasher off. You should also unplug the dishwasher for 15-20 seconds. Replug the dishwasher and press the power button again to start a new cycle. If this error code is being displayed often, your dishwasher needs repair.
3.HEYou will see this error code when your dishwasher detects a heating issue. This may be displayed when the water is not heating up and even when the water is getting overheated.Use a thermometer to accurately check the temperature of the water inside the drum of your dishwasher. The temperature of the water should not be higher than 65 degrees (in celsius). You can fix this error by turning the power off and unplugging the dishwasher and then turning it on again in a new cycle. If the problem persists, you should consider repairing the heating element.
4.nEThis is a vario motor error which is the part of your dishwasher that controls spray arms.If this error is displayed, it is recommended that you call for professional help as your dishwasher requires repair. This error requires a professional check for loose wiring, diverter motor diagnosis and proper replacement of the part.
5.FEThe error suggests that there is a water filling issue in the drum of your dishwasher. This occurs when there is excess water in the unit. The cycle will not start as the drain pipe is automatically turned on in this case. This is one of the possible LG dishwasher problems with older models.for 10 seconds. Then start a new cycle by turning the circuit breaker on and pressing on the power button. If the problem persists, you must consider repair.
6.AE or E1If there is a leakage issue in the unit, this error will be displayed.Finding the cause of the leaks can help you do some LG dishwasher troubleshooting on your own. Leakage in a dishwasher is caused by improper dishwasher installation, wrong detergent or improper loading of dishes. To fix this, check if the drain hose outlet is installed lower than the base of the dishwasher. You should also check the drain hose for siphoning issues or cracks. In this case, replace the drain hose. You should also ensure that the right and recommended detergent is being used and that the utensils are arranged properly inside the dishwasher.
7.CEThis error is displayed when there is an issue with the motor operation or in the wiring harness between the motor and the control boardYou can fix this by turning off the dishwasher from the power button and the circuit breaker. Turn it on after 10 seconds and start a new cycle.
8.PFYou will see this error code when a power failure has occurred.Check the overall power supply of your home and when the power is restored, press any button on the panel for 10 seconds to clear this code from the display.
9.tEThis error suggests an issue with the thermistor which is why your unit cannot detect the temperature.To clear this LG dishwasher error code, turn the power off and unplug the dishwasher. You can now check the wiring of the thermistor. Fix any loose wiring. In most cases, this error requires you to replace the part.
10.iE/1EIf your dishwasher is facing an issue with the water level or inlet, this error will be displayed.

Check if the water supply valve is open. The water supply line should not be bent, kinked or blocked. If the error persists, replace the water inlet valve.