How to Protect Stove Top Glass from Cracks?

Homeowners across the GTA love glass top stoves because its functionality allows them to heat food more quickly and cook evenly, its refined appearance, and how easy they are to clean and maintain. Glass top stoves are however prone to fissure due to the fragility of a glass surface. Cracks and chips are extremely dangerous and can even render your stove top unusable. Therefore, after reading several inquiries from our customers asking, “how can I repair my cracked stove top?”, Alpha Tech Appliance Repair’s certified technicians have answered just that and so much more all outlined in this informational guide below.

The safe answer is no, never use your top stove glass if cracked or shattered in any way. The reason being is cracks and splits, even minor ones, increase the hazard of an electric shock. You can try to repair minor cracks or splits with a glass filler kit, though larger ones will likely require replacing the glass with an entirely new stove top.

Yes, electric cooktops can be repaired. Depending on the size and the severity of the damage, how you go about repairing your electric stove glass that is cracked will be different. For example, small cracks may temporarily be repaired through epoxy and other chemicals as they are not heat resistant. This may also be a helpful temporary solution if the cracks are not located near the burners. If there are cracks on the burners, then we recommend replacing the cooktop since cracked glass can spread and become dangerous.

The cost to repair a stove glass that is cracked differs based on the type, brand, and model of the stove. In Canada, a cooktop main panel ranges in price from $200 to $1,000, excluding the replacement costs. The price of repairs can increase however depending on whether you have an electric, gas, or induction glass cooktop. Costs also vary depending on manufacturers and brands, and their sizes. For context, the price will be higher if the cooktop is bigger and in that same vein, a smaller cooktop will cost less to repair. In addition, make note of your cooktop’s warranty. Some manufacturers provide replacement parts and services for up to one-year as part of a complete warranty package.

You can repair a cracked stove top by first buying a frame that will cover the crack or chip for protection against further damage. Then, you can use sandpaper to remove loose pieces and smooth out the crack. A silicone or ceramic filler mixture can be then used to fill in the crack. Other methods to repair a cracked stove top include using a windscreen repair kit, exhaust or high heat silicone sealant, clear Gorilla glue, or repair putty. If the repair putty or sealant is white, you can even paint it afterwards so the colour matches the cooktop.

Your glass cooktop can crack for many reasons. One way is due to various impacts such as heavy objects when banging or dropping, or rough pots and pans accumulating many small scratches over time thus, weakening the glass’ integrity to the point of cracking. Excessive heat and rapid temperature changes can also be detrimental because extended heat exposure such as cooking for long periods of time can create enough stress for a stove glass cracked situation to occur. Thus, taking care of your electric glass cooktop is imperative to avoid the cracks from spreading.

How to Replace a Glass Cooktop

For as dire as it may seem when your electric glass cooktop is scratched or damaged, worry not! This does not mean you must buy a new stove. In fact, following these 6 easy steps will help replace your glass cooktop in no time:

For as dire as it may seem when your electric glass cooktop is scratched or damaged, worry not! This does not mean you must buy a new stove. In fact, following these 6 easy steps will help replace your glass cooktop in no time:

  1. Shut off power. You must always turn off the stove’s power before working on it to prevent electrical shock and damage to the cooktop components,
  2. Pull the cooktop out. In most cases, removing screws from the brackets allows you to remove a glass top. Then by holding the cooktop on the counter in front of the stove top, you can lift it up and set it on the counter.
  3. Remove the glass top. First, remove the screws that secure the burner box to the glass top. Then lift the glass top up slightly and on the user interface control panel, unplug the wire harness connection. Finally, lift the cooktop off the burner box and discard it. Also, disconnect the user interface wire harness. Please note some models vary in how to remove the glass top. You may be required to approach the stove top from underneath, loosen the top from support brackets, remove it, and then replace it if your model is set on top of a cabinet instead of an oven.
  4. Install a new glass top. On the burner box, position the new glass top and plug in the user interface control wire harness. Then, to secure the glass top to the burner box, replace the screws.
  5. Reinstall the cooktop. Into the counter, lower the cooktop, and then reinstall the mounting bracket screw.
  6. Restore power. To use your newly replaced cooktop, turn on the electric power.

It’s important to note that undertaking any electric appliances can be dangerous. Before doing any type of repair or replacement of your cracked stove top, remember to unplug the appliance, use only the proper safety equipment and tools referred to in this guide, and strictly follow the instructions. If however, you are unsure at any point, the safest way to proceed is to call a qualified and certified technician to perform all electric and gas appliance repairs. Experienced repairmen such as the team at Alpha Tech Appliance Repair have the expertise to provide installation, repair, replacement, and installation service for any gas and electric home appliances.

How to Check if Your New Glass Cooktop Replacement Works

There are a couple ways to check if your new glass cooktop replacement works. The first place to check is whether the outlet is defective. See if the stove is plugged in correctly, and if it is but the appliance is still not working, contact an electrician.

Other common issues such as your electric cooktop is not heating evenly, elements are not heating or turning on, and strange noises are coming from your cooktop can, in most cases, be repaired by a professional.

There are situations however where your electric cooktop replacement may be problematic that are beyond repair. For example, if only one burner does not work on your electric cooktop, it is likely that either the control or the burner is defective and needs to be replaced altogether.

If your electric cooktop has none of its burners working, then the breaker that supplies power to the cooktop or the wiring may be facing complications.

Can Glass Cooktop be Resurfaced?

Absolutely! If your glass cooktop is dealing with minor scratches, often these marks can be buffed out or repaired.

How to Maintain Glass Cooktop to Prevent Damages and Cracks

Here are a couple maintenance tips to help you prevent your glass cooktop from getting damaged and cracked:

  • Use the Proper Cookware: Smooth, flat-bottomed, lightweight cookware such as pots and pans made from heavy-duty aluminum or stainless steel is your best option to prevent damages or cracks while cooking. Avoid cookware made from cast iron, ceramic cookware, porcelain, copper, and enameled pots. These materials are either heavy and rough-bottomed, meaning there is an increased likelihood of scratches occurring when moved across the surface of the glass stove top, or are likely to leave behind residue and can lead to further damage due to build-up on your cooktop.
  • Clean After Each Use: Food spills should be cleaned up as quickly as you can. Be sure to turn off the cooktop and that it has completely cooled off first before cleaning to prevent chemical damage or burn hazards.
  • Manage Space Above Your Stove: Do not store heavy objects that may fall onto the glass such as ceramic dishes or glass containers.
  • Handle Cookware With Care: Make sure to keep the bottom of your pots and pans clean. Do not slide your pots and pans off the stove top. Lift instead. Also, to avoid impact damage, use caution when moving pots between burners.
  • Check Manufacturer’s Instructions: Here lies valuable information about how to maximize the lifespan of your stove through what maintenance procedures to follow.

Is it Worth Repairing a Cooktop?

In general, it is worth repairing a gas cooktop, especially more expensive models. However, electric glass cooktops are not always worth repairing. If the repair cost is relatively high despite your model being relatively inexpensive, then you may be better off putting that money toward replacing your electric cooktop entirely.

It’s also important to note that glass cracks can spread overtime so sometimes it is better to replace the cooktop altogether. If there are small cracks where there is no heat, say a small crack or chip away from the burners, then it may be worth it to repair.

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