Dryer Lint Cleaning Tips

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You rely on your dryer to keep your clothes feeling soft and cozy. That’s why regular dryer cleaning maintenance is required. Not only does this help your clothes last longer, but can also prevent dangerous scenarios such as dryer fires.

Let’s look at tips to keep your dryer working the way it should and your clothes smelling fresh including hints on how to clean the dryer lint trap and how to clean out the dryer vent.

Tools required

Before you begin, there are a few simple tools you will need to clean your dryer effectively.

  • Screwdriver
  • Dryer brush
  • Shop vacuum

These household tools will ensure that your dryer is clean and working at maximum efficiency.

Clean lint from your clothes dryer

One of the most important things you can do to keep your dryer performing effectively is clean the dryer lint trap. Located at either the front or the back of your dryer, the lint trap collects debris during the drying process.

Allowing lint to build up in traps can lead to devastating home fires. In fact, 92% of all laundry-related fires are caused by dryers. Vents and hoses attached to the dryer can quickly spread a fire through the rest of your home. Keeping your lint trap clear of debris can significantly reduce the chances of a dryer fire. That is why it is recommended that lint traps be cleaned after every drying cycle.

How to clean a dryer

Cleaning a dryer is easier than you think. It is also the best way to protect your clothes and your home from any unwanted mishaps resulting from clogged vents or lint traps.

Step One

The first step in cleaning out your dryer vent is to shut off the gas and unplug your dryer. Next, carefully slide your dryer away from the wall to separate the duct from the dryer. Remember to never tip your dryer as it could result in injury.

Step Two

Insert your dryer brush or vacuum into the vent pipe to remove any debris or lint. Make sure to run the vacuum all the way up the duct to ensure you collect all the debris. Metal ducts are ideal for maintaining a safe and efficient dryer. Plastic ducts can often hold onto debris even after cleaning, creating a potential fire hazard.

Step Three

Have you ever wondered how to clean the inside of the dryer? Start by making sure the unit is unplugged and the gas is turned off. Next move on to dryer filter cleaning. The dryer filter can be located at the back of the dryer or on the front of the dryer near the bottom. Remove the panel door including the lint filter.

Step Four

Disconnect door switch wires and move them to the side. This will allow you to thoroughly vacuum the interior of the dryer. Vacuum and brush the vents and screens to remove all debris. Once you are done, you can reassemble the dryer and use it as normal.

Contact The Experts

If your dryer is still not performing the way it should contact the experts at Alpha Tech Appliance. Our professional and friendly service technicians can quickly identify any mechanical issues and make the necessary fixes to get your dryer back up and running again.