Why Is My Washing Machine Not Draining?

You open up your washing machine to transfer your laundry to the dryer only to find it still drenched and the drum is full of water. This is a telltale sign that your washer machine is not draining properly.

Check Drain Hose

There’s a drain hose that transfers water from the back of the machine into the drum. If there’s a kink in the hose, or perhaps the machine is pushed up against a wall and obstructs flow. Another possibility could be a clog. You’ll want to get a large container and disconnect the hose – be prepared for water. Use a flashlight to inspect inside the hose and remove any clogs. Remove any impediments, reconnect, and run a cycle to see if it drains.

Check Lid Switch

A malfunctioning lid switch can certainly be the explanation for a draining issue. If the switch is broken, there is a chance that it’s not allowing the machine to drain properly. This switch is usually found on the door of the washing machine or under the lid – look for a small plastic component. You can test to see if it’s working properly – open the door and press the switch, if you don’t hear a clicking noise you’ll likely have to get a new one.


Check the Belt

Another possible reason why your washer won’t drain is due to a belt issue. It’s possible for belts to fall out of place, become damaged, and even break. Consult your user manual to find out where the belts are located in the machine and look for any signs of trouble.

Check the Pump

Keep the user manual handy because you’ll need to open it up again if you’ve got a pump issue on your hands. Find where the pump is located in your machine – they are typically located either in the front or the back of the appliance. You will likely have to remove some panels to access it so you’ll want to have your toolbox.

You will have to remove the pump and gain access to the screen. Rinse this piece well to remove any debris that has built up. Now turn the blades of the fan by hand to ensure there is nothing affecting its ability to rotate. Examine the pump outlet for any blockages logged inside, this is also a good time to look for leaks and cracks.

Check the Drain

A clogged drain might be the cause of the issue. Using a plumbing snake, insert it into the drain to remove any obstructions. It’s important to empty out any pockets on your clothing before doing laundry as coins and other small objects can cause drainage problems.

Contact the Pros 

If you’ve inspected the pump, drain, hose, belts, and lid switches and can’t seem to identify why the washer won’t drain, it’s best to call in the appliance repair experts at Alpha Tech Appliance. We provide excellent customer service and guarantee high-quality repairs for every job. Give us a call to learn more about our services!