My Freezer Works But My Fridge Doesn’t

You count on both your fridge and freezer to keep food cold, but if you find your freezer works but fridge doesn’t, then it’s likely time to call in a professional technician.

Before you make the call however, there are a few things you can do to see if the problem is something simple or easily fixed, such as via a slight adjustment in temperature or placement of food items. Let’s look at what causes the freezer to work but not the refrigerator, and how you can fix the problem yourself.

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Having a fridge that allows cold air to easily move around is important to keeping food cold. One of the most common reasons the fridge works but the freezer does not is due to over filling the fridge. This can block cold air from reaching all areas of your fridge, leaving your food at risk of becoming too warm and even making you sick. Avoid blocking vents and keep your fridge evenly filled.

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Evaporator Fan

Cold air is moved around the fridge thanks to an evaporator fan. It draws cold air from the freezer and circulates it into the fridge. If this is blocked or malfunctioning then you will likely notice the temperature of your fridge rising.

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Defrost System

If you are discovering ice forming in areas of the fridge where it shouldn’t be, then it may be time to adjust the temperature of the fridge. Slowly adjust the dial until the ice evaporates and the fridge returns to normal temperature.

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Damper Control

The damper controls how cold air is distributed in your fridge and freezer. If this is blocked then you may start to notice your fridge doesn’t cool but the freezer works. Check the damper controls to ensure they are working properly. Also, check the door or gasket for a build-up of ice which may be preventing the door from closing. 


The thermistor tells the compressor when to kick in so that your fridge is always the right temperature. If you don’t hear your fridge compressor turn on regularly then try adjusting the temperature of your fridge by two to three degrees to see if it triggers the compressor to activate. If it still doesn’t turn on then it’s time to call a refrigerator technician.

Iced-Up Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils are used to control air temperature. If they are covered in frost, then air can no longer pass through them. This results in a fridge that is too warm. You can easily defrost the coils yourself using a hair dryer. If you find it is still frosting over, then it’s likely time to call in the professionals. It’s important to recognize the reasons your evaporator coils may frost up such as a faulting thermostat or broken defrost timer. If these are not working properly then your fridge is going to have difficulty staying at a steady temperature and the coils will once again frost over.

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Temperature Control Board

The temperature control board is like the brain of your fridge. Located at the back of the fridge near the compressor, the control board manages temperature, runs the compressor, and keeps the fridge cold. A malfunction in this system can cause your fridge temperature to climb. If you have tried the other suggestions we have made and your fridge is still not staying cold, then it’s likely time to have a professional look at the control board.

Get Your Fridge and Freezer Working Again Today!

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