Why is my Gas Stove Making Noises

Are you wondering why your gas stove keeps clicking? Is your gas stove clicking, but not lighting? It can be both frustrating and worrisome when you begin to hear some of these noises. The clicking sound comes from the igniter, but once the stove is lit, it should stop.

It’s tough figuring out what to do when our large appliances aren’t working properly, especially a gas stove. But most of the time, the problem is often nothing serious. Here are a few reasons your stove may be making noises.

What causes clicking noises in a gas stove?

When you light a gas oven or burner, there is a click that comes from the electric igniter. But if it keeps clicking after it’s lit or it clicks but doesn’t light, then there is an issue.

It can be concerning if your gas stove is making noises. It not only interrupts your cooking, but it can be a potential hazard for fire and gas. There are often very simple and common reasons for this clicking.

But there could be potentially dangerous situations so if you are unsure, don’t hesitate to call Alpha Tech Appliance for help. It’s better to schedule a service call than risk injury or damage to your stove, yourself or your home.

The Stove is Dirty

When your gas stove igniter keeps clicking, the issue may be due to burnt food particles. Something may have boiled over, or pieces of food may have dropped into your stove while you were cooking.

These bits of food can become charred and cause a blockage that doesn’t allow the gas to escape. There might also be an excess amount of moisture in the burner gas holes that won’t allow it to light.

Spark Ignition Switch Malfunction

The spark ignition switch is right behind the power control knob. If this is faulty then it may keep clicking, which also means that the power is continuously running. 

The issue could be due to moisture damage or just overuse. We do tend to favour one burner over another so it will naturally get worn out faster. This may also be a problem that affects all the burners.

Faulty Spark Module

Another reason your stove keeps clicking could be due to the spark module. The spark module monitors and controls the spark to ignite your burner. It sends a current to the igniter that produces the spark. 

There is only one spark module for all your burners so if this is not working, check your other burners. If they are also not working, then they will likely need to be replaced.

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Faulty Spark Electrode

The spark electrode is the part that actually makes the spark. While this is not always the problem, it will become the problem the longer your stove or burner clicks. It will start to wear out and stop working.

An insulated electrode provides the spark, and if it isn’t working, it needs to be replaced. This is best left to a professional as sparks and gas are involved in the process.

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Fix Burner Cap

The burner cap is the black circle that covers and protects the burner head. They can also become dirty from spilled food or grease. This will have a direct effect on all the parts below. 

If it’s broken, you can replace it or give it a good wash. It can also become dislodged and fall off slightly without you even realizing it. Don’t touch it when it’s hot, but adjust it to make sure it’s snug.

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Ensure the Burner is Dry

If your oven or gas stove is clicking but not lighting, it could be wet. Pots boil over, moisture gathering under a lid can drip down, or the bottom of a pot or pan may be damp or wet. 

When the burner is cool, remove it and check that it isn’t damp or wet. This will stop the gas from getting through and the ignitor from sparking. Dry all the parts of the burner before trying it again.

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