Washing Machine Not Spinning Properly

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You finally have a chance to catch up on the laundry. You load the washer, hit start, and get ready to walk away but realize that your washing machine is no longer spinning properly. This is an incredibly frustrating problem, but the experts Alpha Tech Appliance can get things spinning quickly and affordably. Alpha Tech is Toronto’s top choice for appliance repairs with a same day repair guarantee and friendly technicians that will provide you with an accurate and affordable quote.

There are several reasons why a washing machine may not be spinning properly. Washing machines run on sensors that track everything from moisture levels to weight distribution. If these sensors detect a problem, it will cause your machine to stop spinning or not complete a cycle. So how can you identify what is causing your machine to stop spinning? Here are some of the most common issues to cause an issue with your washing machine.

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Washer Balance

Sometimes a washing machine can be slightly off-balance, cause the clothes inside to ship to one side. Wet clothes can create a tremendous amount of weight when not distributed evenly forcing your machine to stop spinning. Check that you haven’t got too many items in your machine and that all the legs are at a height that keeps the machine even.

Blockage In The Drain Pump

Washing machines handle large volumes of water as well as debris such as lint or things that get left in our pockets. Keeping the drain pump clean can ensure that the washing machine moves through cycles properly.

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Issue With the Motor

Your washing machine houses motor brushes inside it which can wear out with use. When motor brushes are not working right, the machine will fill up but will not be able to drain, leaving your clothes in a pool of water. The team at Alpha Tech can offer many long-lasting and affordable replacement solutions for old motor brushes so your machine can get back up and running for a long time.

Drive Belt Is Worn Out

There are many important components that keep your washer spinning. One of the most important is the drive belt which keeps your drum spinning. These can wear out over time causing them to slip off the pulley wheel or break. A trained technician can quickly identify if this is the issue and either replace the belt or put it back on the pulley.

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Door Lock or Lid Switch Not Activated

When you close the door of your washer, whether it is top load or front load, a mechanism is triggered to securely lock the machine while it is operating. If this sensor isn’t activated, the machine will not function properly. This can be an electrical or mechanical issue and should be looked at immediately. Never try to run a machine when these switches are not functioning as it can cause harm to you or your family.

Your Detergent or Fabric Softener

New washing machines can be highly sensitive to the cleaning agents we use. Make sure to use high-efficiency detergents that are low foam and can easily be washed away. Not only will this keep your machine running smoothly, but it will also keep your clothes looking better for longer. Always check the labels of any detergent to ensure it is meant for use with your machine.

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Faulty Fuses

Check the fuses in your machine to see if they have burned out. If they are black, it is time to replace them. Always get a trained Alpha Tech technician to replace any electrical components on your machine.

Motor Control Board

The motor control board is what powers your machine. If it has burned out or is defective, your machine will no longer operate or spin. The team at Alpha Tech can run a diagnostic test to see if the motor control board is operating the right way and can provide the necessary repairs or replacement to get it back up and running again.

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These are just some of the reasons why your washing machine may not be working properly. There are many components that keep your machine working properly and you need a trusted expert to fix your machine quickly so you can get back to your normal household routine. Life is busy and when it’s time to do laundry, you need to be sure that your washing machine is functioning the way it should.

Alpha Tech same-day service guarantee means you never have to wait to get your machine fixed. Simply click the Book A Service tab on our homepage to have one of our technicians at your door and ready to repair your machine.