Noisy Fridge? Here’s 6 Steps to Fix It

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If you have a noisy refrigerator, you know just how frustrating it can be to try to figure out the reason behind the refrigerator noise and then fix it. Troubleshooting a fridge making noise may actually be easier than you think. We’ve compiled a list of six ways you can silence a noisy refrigerator.

1. Listen for The Source

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You can do this by listening carefully to determine which part of the fridge is making the noise. Is it the front, back, or bottom of the fridge? Or maybe the noise is coming from inside the refrigerator. The location of the noise will give you the first indicator as to which part of the fridge needs attention.

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Is your fridge making a rattling noise? If you hear a rattling sound coming from the bottom of the refrigerator, it most likely is due to the drain pan being loose. A loud sound that comes from the back of the fridge often means that the defrost timer, condenser fan or compressor is faulty. If the noise is coming from inside the fridge, it could be a problem with the evaporator fan, a part that circulates air between the fridge and freezer.

2. Secure the Drain Pan

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If you find that the noise is coming from the bottom of the fridge, securing the drain pan can be just the right fix.

3. Listen and Look for A Faulty Defrost Timer.

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Listen closely to determine the type of sound coming from your fridge. If it is a ticking or scraping sound, it could indicate that the defrost timer has a problem. Inspect your freezer compartment and fridge for any frost buildup. The presence of frost often confirms that there is a problem with the timer, that’s if the thermostat is set at an appropriate temperature.

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In addition to listening for the type of sound from your refrigerator, take note of how often the fridge makes the sound. Is it once or twice a day? More frequently? If so, this is another indication that the defrost timer needs replacement.

4. Clean and Inspect the Condenser Fan

Depending on the type and model of your refrigerator, it may have a condenser fan. Not every fridge has one, but if yours does, you can find it at the back of your refrigerator behind the access panel.

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First, unplug your fridge and take a look at the condenser fan to check for any obvious signs of damage or wear and tear. Also inspect the rubber grommets. Then, using a soft brush, clean off any dirt or debris that could be interfering with the function of the condenser motor fan. If you still hear the noisy sound after doing this, continue to investigate the problem.

5. Check the Activator Fan

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If the sound coming from your refrigerator is a loud racket noise, try pushing the light switch in the refrigerator. This can help determine whether the fan is the source of the problem. If it is, pushing the light switch will make the sound even louder. You will need to check the fan for signs of damage. The evaporator fan can be found behind the panel at the back of the freezer section of your fridge. It is usually kept in place by screws or clips.

First, unplug your fridge then use your hand to spin the fan blade to test it. Also, inspect wires coming out of grommets and other parts of the fan for any signs of damage. If the blade doesn’t move easily, corrosion may be the culprit. And if this is the case, you will need to replace the fan and its associated parts.

6. See if It’s Refrigerator Compressor Noise

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Is your fridge buzzing? Fridge compressor noise is actually one of the most common noises people report from their refrigerators. However, it is important to confirm that the fridge compressor is actually the source of the noise. First, unplug the motor of the condenser fan and then plug your fridge back in. Does the noise continue? If so, the compressor is most likely the problem.

The compressor is a major component of your refrigerator. Therefore if there is a problem with your compressor, it’s best to have a qualified technician troubleshoot and solve the problem.

Our technicians at Alpha Tech Appliance are experts in appliance repair. Give us a call and we’ll gladly help you solve any fridge problems you may have.