Miele Dishwasher Problems

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So you’ve got yourself a Miele dishwasher but you’re noticing that it isn’t operating as it once did. Don’t fret, you won’t be washing dishes by hand for long as this following Miele dishwasher troubleshooting guide will walk you through some common problems and how to navigate through them. If you don’t have the time or the confidence in your handiness, call the experts at Alpha Tech Appliance.

Troubleshooting Tips

The following information will guide Miele dishwasher owners through some of the typical issues that arise with the appliance and how to fix them.

Miele dishwashers come equipped with a Start/Stop indicator light that flashes after you turn it on. If you notice that the light isn’t flashing, ensure the appliance is plugged into a functioning outlet and that you have selected a dishwasher program. After you’ve selected the desired program, completely close the washer door and press the Start/Stop button. If this still doesn’t solve the problem check your home’s circuit breaker and fuses. Replace any blown fuses and reset any tripped breakers. If you still can’t get your appliance started, open the housing and inspect the door switch (four wires connected by a plastic component). Swap out the switch if you see corrosion or if it’s blown. But before you do this make sure you disconnect the power to your dishwasher as a precaution.

Inlet/Drain Indicator: Not Filling

When your Miele dishwasher’s Intake/Drain light flashes it’s an indication that you’re dealing with a water supply issue. Ensure that water is connected to the dishwasher and that the water intake valve is complete in the on position. If this valve is leaking or defective, replace it. If the tub is not filling with water, clean the water filter and check the inlet hose for clogs. Straighten the hose to remove any kinks and use a water pressure gauge to check the pressure. If it measures below 20 psi, contact your water supplier or wait until pressure returns to normal.

Inlet and Drain Indicator: Not Draining

If you notice that your tub is not draining properly, check to see if there is a clog in the drain pipe. Clean the filters, air gap and non-return valve. Inspect the drainage hose and remove any kinks. Open your appliance’s housing and examine the pump and pump belt. If the impeller part of the pump is broken, replace the entire unit. If the belt is split or excessively worn, you will need a new one. Any electrical burning smells indicate a motor issue. If you notice this scent or if the motor doesn’t move, it’s time for a new one. It is also possible for a garbage disposal that is connected to the dishwasher to develop a food-related blockage. Run the garbage disposal while running water in the kitchen sink in an effort to free the impediment.

Additional Dishwasher Issues

The following are some additional Miele dishwasher problems and some quick solutions:

It is not uncommon for the detergent to build up in the dispenser if it isn’t closing properly. Ensure that you only use dry, non-clumping detergent in the appliance. If you notice a rattling noise, stop your Miele dishwasher and reposition the dishes. A knocking noise coming from inside the tub means the machine’s spray arm is blocked. Remove any dishes that may be preventing this arm from moving. A rinse aid will assist with the drying process while also reducing spots on glasses. Always let the cycle finish prior to removing dishes.

These Miele troubleshooting dishwasher solutions to some common issues will usually help the user to get things back up and running without too much trouble. However, if the above information didn’t lead to a solution, or if you’d rather trust your appliance with a professional, call the experts at Alpha Tech Appliance today.