5 Reasons Why Your Gas Oven Won’t Heat Up

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There’s nothing worse than planning a dinner party, and when it comes time to prepare the meal, you discover your gas oven not heating up properly. These appliances heat up by burning the natural gas inside them. The following guide explores some common issues that users face when operating their gas oven and will explain what you can do to fix an oven not heating up.

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Faulty Igniter

It’s natural for an oven’s igniter to stop working overtime. More often than not, the issue will be with the safety valves not opening properly.

To test the igniter, turn on the oven and watch to see if the igniter begins to illuminate.

If it is glowing, but the burner isn’t lighting within a few minutes, you likely have a faulty igniter on your hands. Using a multimeter, test the igniter to ensure a constant electric current is present.

If there isn’t a constant current, then it’s safe to assume the igniter is dead and you need to replace it.

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Damaged Spark Electrode 

Certain ovens are equipped with a spark electrode that’s used to ignite the gas in the burner tube, much like a spark plug.

Any damage to this component – such as cracks in the housing or damage to the electrode tip – can be a sign that this part needs replacing.

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Thermostat Doesn’t Work

Your oven’s thermostat monitors the internal temperature and turns off the current once it reaches the desired temperature.

If your thermostat isn’t working, it could prevent the oven’s igniter from getting the necessary power. Similar to the igniter, you can test the current with a multimeter to identify if the thermostat is the issue.

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Temperature Isn’t Calibrated Correctly

If your oven’s display temperature and internal temperature aren’t matching, this is a sign that your gas oven wasn’t calibrated or not calibrated properly.

The wire connection might be loose or burnt as well. Consult the user manual to learn how to properly calibrate the temperature of your oven.

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Control or Relay Board is Malfunctioning

If you have exhausted all other options and are convinced that the previously mentioned parts are functioning as they should, you could be dealing with a control or relay board that isn’t working properly. This component cannot be easily tested, however, you can perform a visual inspection and look for any signs of burning.

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These gas oven issues are the typical culprits that prevent your appliance from heating up as expected. If you’ve consulted the above troubleshooting measures and are still dealing with problems, contact the experts at Alpha Tech Appliance. Their trusted technicians have years of experience when it comes to extending the lives of our beloved appliances.